Corriere della Sera, Corriere Milano

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This review appeared on Italy’s major newspaper: 3 forks to my kitchen.

Sunday again.

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We left really early. Switzerland is closer than I thought. The night before I thought I would have slept during […]


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It was indeed a sunny day. When I was a teenager (I realized not a long time ago that I’m […]

Lavorare stanca

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Yesterday I realized what a nervous breakdown was, as I felt really close to it. I am working hard and […]

La vita secondo Quino.

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Penso che la forma in cui la vita fluisce sia sbagliata. Dovrebbe essere al contrario: Si dovrebbe morire prima, per […]

I love this shitty weather.

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Silly july rain. Living in a diswasher. Wet and dark. Longing for next sunday.