Corriere della Sera, Corriere Milano

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This review appeared on Italy’s major newspaper: 3 forks to my kitchen.

Sunday again.

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We left really early. Switzerland is closer than I thought. The night before I thought I would have slept during the driving, but I felt more like asking him about algorithms and feeling so lucky to be with T.B.A.M.I.H.F.C.L.S.M.I.T.W (the best and most intelligent handsome funny caring loving sexy man in the world) and so […]


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It was indeed a sunny day. When I was a teenager (I realized not a long time ago that I’m a teenager no more) sundays used to be the worst day of the week. No place to hide on sunday. Now sundays are worth the other dull six days. Sundays or every other day spent […]

Lavorare stanca

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Yesterday I realized what a nervous breakdown was, as I felt really close to it. I am working hard and I’m probably not used to it. (6 days a week, 9-10 hours a day. Not exactrly an easy start) I’m sorry I was a bad girl last night with Charles, I overreacted, as I often […]

La vita secondo Quino.

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Penso che la forma in cui la vita fluisce sia sbagliata. Dovrebbe essere al contrario: Si dovrebbe morire prima, per levarsi la morte d’una volta per tutte. Poi, vivere in un ospizio fino a che non sei piu’ cosi’ vecchio. Allora cominci a lavorare, lavorare per quarant’anni, fino a che sei abbastanza giovane per godere […]

I love this shitty weather.

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Silly july rain. Living in a diswasher. Wet and dark. Longing for next sunday.


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Catharsis is a form of emotional cleansing first defined by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. It originally referred to the sensation that would ideally overcome an audience upon finishing a tragedy. The fact that there existed those who could suffer a worse fate than them was to them a relief, and at the end of the […]


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Today I cooked sushi, yesterday I cooked a salmon tartare, and the day before, en apple paper with sweet dips. I’m the chef of a little restaurant hat opened 10 days ago. Someone asked me today: are you french? I was speaking in french with Charles, the barman from Senegal. I was flattered, didn’t know […]