Guess who’s coming to dinner

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Last year, while I was completing my degree, I gave an oral exam with a professor whose lessons I hadn’t attended. I sucked. I didn’t remember anything, and I really sucked. But I needed that exam, so when he suggested that I shall study again and repeat the test, I said something like this:

“please give me a grade, the lowest grade, it’s not important. I need to finish my degree ASAP because I want to become a professional cook and I need to get this done first”

The teacher agreed, and asked me to let him know whenever I had opened my restaurant.

Well, yesterday I was serving dinner to these two clients. And I saw one of them, I had seen him before… but where? His face is familiar….

Professor Danovi?

yes. It was fun, he actually remembered me, and I was proud to be seen there, doing what I love to do and doing it cool.

This lifted my spirits and saved the day.

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Tell me how many books…

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… you are reading at the moment, and I’ll tell you how swamped you are.

ATM I’m half-through with:

-How Mumbo-jumbo Conquered the World, by Francis Wheen.
-Barney’s Version, by Mordecai Richler (third time read)
-Lettere dall’Italia, by Alexander Langer
-L’etranger (Camus)
-In praise of folly, Erasmus of Rotterdam
-the Kitchen, a Hoepli Manual for cooking schools
-something else that lies under the bed but I can’t reach.

Besides I’m late with the reading of the magazines I’m subscribed to and other ones I buy ocasionally:

-The Economist (sometimes I throw it away without even opening it.. shame)
-National Geographic
-Cuisine et Vins de France
-Food & Wine

Weeks elapse pretty damn quick, little time for doing things outside sleeping, playing backgammon and doing laundry.

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Meeting People

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No doubt. Meeting people is the best part of my job.
Linda, Sharon, John and Roger are still travelling around Europe, and I really hope they contact me once they get home. It was a really nice experience to meet them and to be able to cook for them. I prepared a classic Ossobuco with risotto milanese and gremolata, and the lamb chops for Linda. They were so nice and so much fun. I love beautiful people like them.
Tonight I met Tom, who is driving through Europe too, and needed a power adapter. I was happy to give him mine. I’ll get another one for the rice cooker, no problem.
The guys of the Rat Man were cool, and the other guys having a birthday dinner were happy and I was happy too. Wish they had told me when they reserved the table that there was a birthday. I would have backed a nice cake!!!

Today, before work, I went shopping. I bought a latex pillow, and various paraphernalia at a japanese stationary store.

Oh, I also got my hair cut.

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I love my job.

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I am a lunatic.
Yesterday I was determined to quit. Too much stress, too many hours, little appreciation.
Tonight I worked hard, 20 persons for dinner: big satisfaction. I do love what I do, I love it and it shows.

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I baked the pies this morning. I decided not to put the raising powder this time, I wanted them crunchier and lighter. Great result. I threw them away.

They were indeed lighter and crunchier. But the nonstick pans don’t work with a raisingpowderless dough.

ATM I have a pan brioche in the oven.

Wish me a better luck.


not bad :)

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filosofia di vita

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Quando la vita ti volta le spalle…

toccale il culo.


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That’s what I call a vacation.

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Last minute. Obviously. How can you plan anything when you are told at midnight on saturday that you will have sunday, monday and tuesday (!!) off? We left the next day, heading towards France, after having googled a guesthouse by the lake. I will not mention what lake it was to keep it sauvage and secret. (jk. the lake was le Lac du Bourget)
The trip was smooth, I was expecting more trafic, and after 3 or 4 hours we got to Chambery. We took a short nap (we plunged to sleep while our bodies were wrestling with the kebabs we had eaten for breakfast. I know, it is nasty, but try to get something else in Milan on a sunday august the 14th) and then headed to the city to have dinner. We got to taste the worst wine ever conceived. Mondeuse 2003. Stay away from it. But the confiture d’oignons was superb – have to remember to look up a recipe, because the foie gras we bought at the SuperU calls for it.
On monday we drove around the lake.

We parked in a small city on the east side, Aix-les-Bains (ex-le-be’). I was reading Tropic of Cancer, and he was reading a comic strip about crimes, while we sprawled on the lake side garden.

That’s the view of the pool from our room at the guesthouse. Pity the weather wasn’t warm enough to dip in. We took another nap as soon as we got there, because after all, vacations are made to relax. Then we went to dinner, ate like pigs, as usual. Raclette.

Breakfast the next day, on the terrace. Beautiful little pots and crocks.

We spent the morning in Chambery, trying to do some shopping. (I managed to buy him a pair of pants!) Then we decided to spend the afternoon in Lyon, so we drove. It’s not far.

It was so hot! Lyon is indeed beautiful, and it was nice to be back there, and remember our first trip together.

At the end we decided to have a late-night pic nic inside our room back at the lake, so we looked for a grocery store and bought cheese, bread, mustard, ham, foie gras… I got drunk with the Rose’, and it was an amazing vacation.

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fascisti son gli altri

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War is war against terror
Bombed to death dead are tragic misfortunes
Tortures in Abu Ghraib are exceptions
Slaughters seen on internet, true or fake, are brutality
Dictators are enemies of democracy, excluding noble dictators, friends of america.
Death devices built in america and europe are new technologies,
built in the Middle east, thery are weapons of mass destruction.
Chemical weapons if they come from one place, defoliant agents otherwise.

(adapted from a letter of Piero Carlesso to diario)