Theoria cum praxi

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Ready for Berlin

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I took this picture with the birthday present I received from my husband’s parents. A beautiful digital camera, with very interesting options, like the one used for this shot: black, white and red. The flowers were instead, a gift from Michele, along with a very placid dinner at Nobu. Unfortunately, the protective leather case for […]


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Birthday trip to Amsterdam for me and my father-in-law! (we were born on the same day, he’s just a bit older). It was a blitz trip, because we could go around only on saturday. Friday and sunday were used to travel. I didn’t have much chance to take good pictures, and the lomographs are still […]


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tomorrow is my birthday, and I lost my cellphone, so call home to say happy birthday. (or mail me!!!) ***update*** I got my cellphone back, so call me do. I’ll be blogging soon about Amsterdam (maybe tomorrow)


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Finally, after multiple attempts, I found the perfect recipe for brownies. Brownies have to be: Scrumpdiddleumptious. Chocolate-trunkloaded. Chewy. Chewy is important. Plus, they have to have one trillion calories per serving. Otherwise, they are not brownies. Melt in a Mary’s bath 230 grams of dark chocolate together with 120 grams of fat butter (check fat […]


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Finally a chance drop in on Vienna. My aunt Laila and my uncle Alejandro happened to be there, amid their Anniversary trip to Europe. I found a good bargain on the train ticket so I could afford to join them. They were kicking off to Dijon on Saturday morning so we spent only one day […]

Vienna Teaser

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6 minutes left on the internet booth. The ONLY positive thing on travelling alone is that you get to take loads of photographs. I’ll post them on tuesday, along with a report on my trip. (which by the way is only half through). *update* Here they are.

Waiting for Vienna

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I am a little bit sick these days, I got a flu because yesterday it was so cold and I was wandering through the city very lightdressed. Yesterday evening I had a very sore throat and maybe a fever too. Today I’m feeling better, and hope to be perfect tomorrow when I leave to Vienna. […]

New desk

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So this was our old working table. The picture is self describing (It was taken by the end of march, but the situation hadn’t changed eversince). Too small for the two of us and our multiple laptops, gadgets, books, etc. check the mess with the cords and cables under the desk….. Here’s a good idea […]