snakes and ladders

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Ehm, did I say that my job had became more bearable? I must have been under the effect of some substance. This office is a nest of snakes, and I seem to appear as a threat to the blond eager beaver.Which is actually funny because my natural balance between indifference and industriousness will never take […]

Barbarians etc

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A curious person asked me a 63 million dollar question. And now I’m restless. What will I do after this job at Perkin Elmer? During the trip back home I thought about that question, and I thought about my answer. In 30 minutes I went through the past year, I went through my life choices, […]

The bleeding flag.

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I still need to realize that those 4 hours that remain of each day after work, are my precious 4 hours of life a day. I haven’t been blogging much because I have little time, and little inspiration. Work has been dulling my imagination… I was born for something more exciting. Alas. Maybe next year. […]


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Balance sheet for 2005? well.. I got my degree, the person I loved the most passed away leaving a terrible emptiness, I got hitched to the other person I love the most, a dream I had came suddenly true, lasted 2 months and then remained in a corner, waiting to see if it was a […]