From Israel to Lebanon

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I hope you can manage to open this site and wake up.
con·science n.
The awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one’s conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong.

To the FREE PEOPLE of the World:
Lebanese Civilians (Christians, Muslims, Druzes & Jews) Are being SLAUGHTERED
DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON USPRESSURE your government to stop this GENOCIDE!

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Im Lauf der Zeit, Wim Wenders 1975

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Die Weisse Wand

The director was so proud of his movie that he signed it at the end, WW.

German on the road. Theatrical at times. Boring sometimes. Genius often.

Es gibt nur das Leben.

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thoughts on being a little pregnant

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It has all happened so fast, that we haven’t got much time to think that we are definitely becoming parents, and that means, that for at least 20 years, we will be the point of reference of another human being. Excitement and happiness have taken over. Today I stopped for a moment to look at an old picture of me as a baby, and I thought of my mother being pregnant and feeling like I do, and I felt as close as ever to her.
Michele is taking care of me, supporting me and being patient.
I like to believe that I can feel the baby growing inside me, it makes me feel powerful and fullfilled. I have been so hungry and sleepy, and these sensations amuse me a lot. I am happy.

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week five – six

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Your Body Your breasts may hurt, you may feel tired, queasy, and hungry along with the dreaded morning sickness. Perhaps you have an odd, metallic taste in your mouth, or you may find yourself running to the bathroom all the time as your growing uterus presses against your bladder. Maybe it’s just a feeling you have . . . an intuition. You may decide to take a Home Pregnancy Test. Be careful! If you take it too soon you might get a false negative result.

I had a first test done at the beginning of the 4th week, and it was negative in fact. But I still felt weird, and still my period didn’t arrive. So I repeated the test 6 days later. No doubt this time. I’m starting my sixth week now.

This week your embryo is working very hard to begin growing its nervous system. There’s a primitive heart now, and just wait until it can show you its love! Tiny buds have appeared, and if all goes well, these will someday be arms to hug you and legs to kick at you during temper tantrums. By now, your baby displays reflexes in response to a touch! This means his nervous system is communicating with his primitive muscle cells. This communication forms the foundation of all your baby’s behavior even after birth.


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Gogol Bordello, Illumination

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One of the best concerts ever, in Villa Arconati near Milan. We ate, drank, danced, jumped, sweated, laughed, bought great t-shirts and loved their fcuking punkness. Now we look forward to seeing them again.
Eugene Hutz looks like a tough crazy guy, but he’s quite alright. He loves his old mama.

(the pic was stolen without bad intentions from http://www.gogolbordello.com )

One of their best songs, the one with which they closed the concert:


Don’t believe them for a moment
For a second, do not believe, my friend
When you are down, them are not coming
With a helping hand
Of course here is no us and them
But them they do not think the same
It’s them who do not think…
They never step on spiritual path
They paint their faces so differently from ours
And if you listen closely
That war it never stops
Be them new Romans
Don’t envy them my friend
Be their lives longer
Their longer lives are spent
Without a love or faithful friend
All those things they have to rent
But we who see our destiny
In sound of this same old punk song
Let rest originality for sake of passing it around
Illuminating realization number one:
You are he only light there is
For yourself my friend
There’ll be no saviors any soon coming down
And anyway illuminations
never come from the crowned
Illuminating realization numer one:
You are the only light there is
For yourself my friend.

Eugene Hutz.




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I’m sorry, but you will have to continue putting up with my wedding shots. :)

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happily ever after

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Beautiful ceremony, loving friends and relatives, beautiful Vipiteno, amazing weather, great lunch, the best photographers, delicious sachertorte, cute children… and the biggest love, the love of my life, my husband!

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