Grazie Baby!

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That’s what Damiano says every time he kisses his baby brother. He seems to react to his baby features  just as we adults do: melting. But he’s also a bit jealous. The problem is mostly with me and not with the baby. The baby is fine, as long as I don’t dare take away attention […]

How it all happened.

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10 days ago I was screaming in a birthing room in the hospital. They’d had induced Santiago’s birth because I was already 9 days late and my blood pressure was so high I had blurred vision all the time and I was simply fed up at the whole still being pregnant. I entered the hospital […]

Wie sehr ich dich mag

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Ich will mir ein Wort ausdenken, ein nigel-nagel-neues Wort. Und es dir schenken. Ein Wort, mit dem ich dir sag, wie sehr ich dich mag


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Forgive me for the belated post. Santiago and I came back from the hospital on Sunday and these days have been hectic. He’s an angel and I’m smitten, but looking after two little humans is harder than just one. I hope I’ll have the energy and time soon to write about the great experience that […]

perhaps tomorrow?

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tomorrow I have an appointment at the hospital to see how things are going with the little lazy belly-dweller, and I’m taking my bag with me because I really hope that I go spontaneously into labor while I’m there, and if not, I will ask beg for some sort of chemical-pharmaceutical-medical-technological-magical help. I’m leaving you […]

Mother’s Day

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Life’s circumstances left me without a mother at a very young age. She didn’t die, she just left. And se left us, my brother and me, to a substitute mother who subtly let me believe that it was better that way. And not so subtly. She would threaten us to send us back to our […]

They’re waiting, too.

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Dear Santiago, your daddy and your brother are very impatient to meet you. Please please… get out!