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3 months to my birthday that is. I’m coming to the rescue every 24th of the following months with a list of things that you would love to give me in October. Since having too many options equals having none, I’m going to suggest one article at a time. Yes that’s right, there will only be three.

Today I’m in the mood for a floor lamp that is also a stool. Because I love to sit, I love to see, and I love to see where I sit.

This beauty is a design classic and at 300 € is a bargain. ok, not really, but hey.. it IS going to be my last birthday in my twenties. We don’t want to skimp, do we?


you can buy it here.

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home alone, almost.

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soooo in our house at least somebody is going on vacation this year, and Michele is away for the week. He’s gone to my favorite country in the world and that would be France. Of course he’s there for work, but in my book, going somewhere else is a vacation, no matter what you’re suppose to do once you’re there.

and so I’m stuck here with my two masterpieces and I’ve made some decisions:

1.I’m going to survive

2.We’re going to enjoy it

3.I’m painting the room grey. Yes, grey.

4.I’m sewing turquoise curtains.

5.I’ll finish the boys’ closet doors.

Of course, life’s a bitch, so tonight I screwed up my sewing machine, crap crap crap. And the repair shop is closed, because normal people close their shops in summer and go on holidays. My hotel, restaurant, bar, café, laundromat, daycare and occasional home is aaaalways open. go figure.



My favorite people

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Mr. Cheeks is two months old, is all smiles.

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Dear Santiago, your mommy is already very much in love with you and your ginormous cheeks.

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I know which of these two I’d rather eat.



Santiago is such an angel, seriously. His very busy daily schedule includes nursing, sleeping, nursing, sleeping, cooing a little bit, nursing, sleeping, nursing, sleeping. And the occasional pooping. Thanks to this, I managed to bake these amazing puffs that tonight will house whipped cream and will be covered in chocolate ganache, aka profiteroles.



I am an aunt!!

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This beauty here is my brother’s son, Mateo. He was born yesterday, and I can’t wait to hold him! Maybe this Christmas….



what we did this weekend

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Anyone who knows more than a little about me knows that I’m spoiled rotten. I was lucky enough in my former life to travel a lot and, with countable exceptions, make it to great hotels.  Sometimes with the help of my adorable, now bare, Visa card. Never a matter of wealth – not my own at least – whereas of being in the right place at the right moment. Those days are long gone, partly because with two children nobody is very eager to invite me to Paris or New York any more, partly because said Visa card lives now in Damiano’s toy wallet. But spoiled I remain.

This is why I decided to challenge myself, much like that time in Lyon when Michele challenged my pride and we had the most delicious kebab in the world from a place where I wouldn’t be caught dead eating.

We went camping.


It proved an awful idea for the following reasons:

  • four children under 4 years of age.


It was a fantastic idea for the following reasons:

  • the children had a blast


  • the places we visited were awesome (Lago di Ledro & Lago di Tenno)


  • the places were ridiculously close to home


  • we had delicious ice cream, well Katie and I did.


  • Damiano loved throwing stones into the lakes. He also had trouble assessing his strength.


  • we had yummy polenta
  • I had an inflatable mattress


  • Mr. Cheeks aka Santiago was a real angel, sleeping like a baby all the time.


  • the weather was great, as in, real summer, not like here


  • mosquitoes are adorable creatures, just ask Lisi.


  • we learned how to cope with difficulties together and overcome stressful situations (doesn’t matter that such difficulties and situations happen only by camping and that if we don’t ever go camping again we won’t need these newly acquired skills)


How good looking are these two fellows?