Ooops I almost forgot.

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2 teeth have been there for a month already.

Husband’s guide to filling wife’s stocking.

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*blink* *blink* this list is a mere public service. It doesn’t mean that I could be happy with these things *blink* *blink* You can never go wrong with shiny rocks. And also not shiny ones. I dig lava stone earrings and bracelets, a lot. A pretty pen. I love Lamy fountain pens. 2010 daily planner. […]

christmas stockings. part 2.

Appliquéd our initals and some snowflakes. I think I can finally move on. Onto the Gingerbread house smackdown with Katie. Stay tuned.

I used to have time to cook

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Now I just toss together things. But they’re still quite tasty. This is baked butternut squash, crumbled feta, black olives. With whole wheat pasta and red chile flakes: yummy.

our skipper

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this used to hang in the cabin of my grandpa’s sailboat: I remember it always made me crack up. Hey Sol! thanks for sharing. yeah, you’re welcome.

better than finger foods

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RING FOODS! The weaning saga continues. I have vowed not to make one single puree for this little one, after the nightmarish experience of weaning Damiano. So Santiago will only get solid things that he can grab and eat by himself. So far it’s been a breeze.

craftulence of the day: magnets

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I saw this in a museum store in Vienna 4 years ago and I thought that living with a geek I have no shortage of raw materials to try on this myself. I dismembered a broken keyboard that was hanging around since we moved into this house and I glued some magnet tape on the […]

the game

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a couple of weeks ago, I entered Sherri’s game, in which she’ll make something for the first three peeps that comment on the post and I entered and had totally forgotten to check if I was one of the first three, and right now I just found out that I indeed was. So I hope […]

craftulence: christmas stockings. part 1.

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I am so in love with these! I yet have to decorate them, appliqué our names to them, and most important, I have yet to instruct my husband on what sort of little presents I want in mine. I suggested emerald earrings but my suggestion was given the thumbs down… oh well. Christmas stockings have […]