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I really wanted to have some Mommy time with Damiano, and finally Santiago is weaned and Michele is perfectly capable of putting him to sleep on his own so yesterday Damiano and I took a train to Florence.

We got there at dinnertime. Adults dinnertime. Damiano coped pretty well.

We went to ZàZà at the Mercato Vecchio. I had fritto misto and a glass of Vermentino. My date had pasta and tap water.

We walked a lot and the weather was lovely, not too hot but really bright. We found and English bookstore and we lingered. We had pistacchio ice cream and pizza, too. Damiano is a great travel buddy. Now I’m pooped and I’m going to sleep, hoping Santi will need settling because I miss him and I wand to hold him!

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Wiesbaden is lovely.

We had an amazing getaway that exceeded all our expectations.

Damiano and Santiago were happy to learn there were cars in Wiesbaden, too.

oh, and a Lego store. Handy, because a little someone that could or could not be Santiago dunked the train engine in the bath water.

The view of Wiesbaden from Neroberg. It was HOT. It reminded us of a certain hike…. sorry for the crappy photos. My camera is at the hospital.


Mr. Temperament

Kloster Eberbach: nice if you’re into that sort of thing. Ute was an incredible tour guide.

Of course the kids had to be uncontrollable at the best restaurant. But it was ok in the end. I had lovely food: dessert was a buttermilk terrine with a yellow plum compote, which is misleading because it sounds like autumn. It was Summer in a dessert. And the riesling was fantastic.


We took a ride in the cable car at Rüdesheim. It was lovely and breezy amidst a very HOT and damp kind of day.

That’s all I could get from my iphone. Currently waiting for Tom to send the photos he’s got.



you can call me Mrs. Vengeance.

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So, here’s the deal. Last year, when Santiago was just a few weeks old, my neighbour gave me a baby outfit for him. It was nothing special, really, but it came from a very expensive store in town. It was also too small (remember my 10 lb baby?) and it was a two piece. Baby’s can’t do shit with a two piece. the waistband of the pants cuts their waist and the top climbs up to their armpits. Anyway, I took the little outfit in its giftbox and giftbag and went to said store to change it for something I could use.

There were two ladies in the store, the owners I suppose. The old one looked like an octopus, old and fat, just sitting there. The daughter, a woman in her fifties, wearing poorly applied, excessive makeup. She looked like a fucking clown. Of the scary kind.

The exchange was nothing like I was expecting. I told the ugly clown that I wanted to change the gift because it was too small and I preferred one in one piece. The lady said that I hadn’t tried the outfit and that I was lying.


That’s what she fucking said.

Anyway, I’m a whole bunch of things and I might as well be a liar. But I certainly don’t waste my lying tokens with a bitch in a shop.

So I took the little thingie, and I said, big mistake.

no wait, that was in pretty woman.

I said: no need to call me a liar, just tell me you won’t change it.

And I left.

This was more than 12 months ago.

We live in a small town, and every time I run into this horrendous old hag my stomach turns. I concocted a plan for revenge, and thinking about it I felt slightly better.

WEll, people, today I put my evil plan into action, and dear dear did it feel AWESOME.

A friend from out of town came to visit. She went into the shop and started choosing a bunch of things to buy. We’re talking about 90€ polo shirts for children, 200€ gabardines for girls, 100€ jeans for toddlers. Things like that. The woman’s mouth started watering with greed. She was counting on a huge sale. Then my friend tells her that she wants to buy something for “my friend’s kids” and she isn’t sure about the sizes so she comes out to call me. I go inside, all the way into the back of the store, look the woman in the eye and say to my friend:

“Oh no, don’t buy anything from these witches, let’s go somewhere else.”



Just because.

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cayendome el veinte…

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On Wednesday I went to My University for a pre-enrollment advice session and as I prowled through the faculty corridors it finally struck me.

I am a freshman.

And I am going to fill, for the second time in my life after being a mother, my hours with shit I really dig. And right there is me talking like a freshman.

It won’t be easy because especially in the first semester I will hardly see my boys during the week. And I will miss them to bits. I miss them already. And I’ll have all sorts of negative thoughts about disregarding them and having other people raise them for me. I know. But it’s going to be alright. They will forgive me and they will turn out ok.

They are awesome. Bright and smart and funny and sweet. They even make me pancakes.

They totally deserve a designer mommy.

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Damiano is down with a UFV (unidentified fucking virus) and here Santiago is trying to hug him, though not making things any better. Instead of taking him off his back, I decided to snap some pictures. They were too cute.

Tomorrow marks one week of This Shit, but it’s getting slightly better since our doctor put Damiano on a strict diet. Lots of children’s black tea, potatoes, rice, spelt, oats, water. All the rest: No. Dairy, sugar and fruit especially. Poor boy.




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if you crawl on the long wavy grass…

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it will tickle your cheeks.

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2 great summer salads.

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I invented these last night. One is a variation on Katie’s watermelon feta salad, the other one is a pele-mele of things I had in the fridge. I served them with lamb chops, preceded by trofie al pesto and followed by creme brulees.

Beluga lentils (which look amazing when uncooked, because they’re very black and shiny, but turn into normal lentils when cooked, perhaps a bit firmer, a bit chewy), cucumbers, red bell pepper, tomatoes, basil, parsley, oil, sherry vinegar.

Bottom: cantaloupe melon, feta, black olives, red onions, olive oil, lemon.


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a busy weekend

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Our weekend was full of airplanes. And gliders. And helicopters.

And the most amazing and awesome aerobatics. I’d never seen these live and wow it took my breath away. And the pilot is no other than my very own brother-in-law. How a cool is that? He also plays the piano and sings like the voice and is a kick-ass lawyer. oh and as far as I know he’s available. Ladies?

This is my boy. He’s grown leaps since last summer, eh?

He’s also very lucky. His grandpa has a thing for airplanes.

And he bought us a ride in the helicopter. It was nice.

Damiano was a bit overwhelmed, and very interested in the seat belt.

A ride on the quad bike. Things that leave a mark on a 3 year old.

Santi discovered the wheel. He’s a cutie, and he doesn’t mind pink yet.