Movember mugshots

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It’s not what it looks like. I was aiming for Groucho Marx with Santiago, but you try drawing a moustache on an eel. Chaplin had to make do.

Anyway, I know I’ve said this before, but oh do I love these two people.

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2010 Advent Calendar

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Yesterday I was feeling crafty and happy about things (elated at my professor’s reaction to my folding chair: he said it was awesome!), so to celebrate I made this year’s advent calendar. Besides, it was now or never because I start a new project today and it looks like it’s going to be even harder than the last one.

So here it goes: I bought this great wrapping paper which is silver on one side and golden on the other and I cut it into 20cm x 25cm rectangles (8″ x10″), which I shaped into cylinders and glued in place. Then I sewed one of the open ends with christmassy red thread.

I made 24 of these, 12 on the silver side and 12 on the golden side. Then I put in kick knacks for the boys: bricks of lego, rubber animals, a whistle, a tiny harmonica,  tiny maracas, a small plastic compass, you get the drift: The junk that will hunt me for the next 12 months.

And in 5 of them there are also gummibears. Sorry boys, no chocolate: the whole bunch of prisms goes on the mantelpiece…

I then sewed the other end folding the opening crosswise to the first row of stitching, with christmassy green thread.

Then I cut out numbers free hand with my KATA. Odd numbers in red for the golden prisms, Damiano’s, and even numbers in green for the silver prisms, Santiago’s. Glued them on.




a folding chair: a preview of my homework

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(update: working model photos!)

and flat:

Imagine putting a chair and a wall in the mad mix machine in every designer’s head.

That’s what we did, right after trying many other combinations, like the swing chair, the rug chair, the window chair, the credenza chair, and the door chair (among others).

This folding chair is, in all honesty, the result of putting a hammock and a wall, together in one simple object.

And why is that?

The seat is a hammock and the chair, when folded flat, can be used as a room divider, (providing one owns 4 of these chairs).

It is so flat that it is also very environmentally friendly, because it takes so little space during shipping. It is clever because it minimizes the use of materials maximizing the resistance of them all. The weave of the seat is made of easily replaceable gift tape. The chair is also easily personalized by choosing the colors of the tape, and the hammock – seat is easily re-weaved.

It is extremely light and it gives a concrete and aesthetically pleasing answer to the need of a chair that is a chair only when strictly needed: because who needs a chair when one is not sitting on it?

In today’s cities, where space is the most coveted luxury, tiny apartments are the norm, the demand for intelligent space saving solutions is in full swing. This chair gives a twofold response to this need: yes, it is a chair. But when not in used, its function is most important: in small living spaces, where often the different living units are concentrated in one single volume, the need for privacy and retreat is often overlooked. Our chairs, when hung together, form a light and flexible wall, to create the impression of a more structured and organized space.

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paper thread

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Today I turned a sheet of A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) construction paper into 40 meters of thread. It was hard, but fun and therapeutic. Highly recommended.




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(going great lengths not to clean up)

you’re welcome.



how I trashed my kitchen.

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Challenge: make a vessel that will hold half gallon of water, and will not leak for at least 1 hour. The catch? I can only use 1 newspaper, 1 pound flour, 1 tablespoon of salt. It has to be ready for tomorrow. Here I am. 2 am. 2 attempts. No balls to test them, scared of having to start over. Anyway, blogging instead of cleaning the fuck up.



slide and whack

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milestones (at least for Mexican babies)

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Santiago’s very first haircut!!



Sherri’s fall swap 2010

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look what the postman brought me today!!!

Erin sent me:

  • peppermint tea, my favorite!
  • reese’s buttercups, my weakness
  • coffeeeeee! a blend that I can’t wait to try. I looove American coffee. (don’t tell that to those espresso-nazis of Italy)
  • lip balm
  • three very cool pens
  • and a mini high quality paper sketch pad
  • food colors!!!! (thanks Erin!! these simply don’t exist in this side of the pond!)
  • cookies, which the kids already devoured
  • a Maine fridge magnet
  • stencils and stickers, which will go in the kids’ christmas’ stockings

ahhhh I love swappin.

Check out here to see what I sent to my swap parter, Signe of Signepling.



Venice, Architecture Biennale 2010

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I’m still trying to recover because going to Venice killed me. I. NEED. SLEEP. But since I still have to finish my peppermint tea, I’m going to share some photos.


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