the closest thing to a family photo

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at lunch in Madrid… we were exhausted but Madrid is great. And the jamon, too.

life is hard

random shots from our holiday, half-way through. kiddos by the pool. At Jameos del Agua. More about that in a later time. The landscape here is stunning. Lunar. The wine is fan-tastic. grilling! those baby-lead weaning weaned babies sure love their food. Our lovely finca. drawing.   ephemeral architecture. well, now I must go. Very […]


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windy, awesome. Bad Internet.

day 7

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Michele went to France a week ago and I’ve spent the last 7 days entertaining my kids 12 hours a day. It’s been kicking my butt and that to-do list with all the things I was supposed to make and do after putting them to bed is there, untouched.   This morning we challenged the […]

Summer, part 2.

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A geometric display typeface with whimsy details like open counters and pointy corners. Named after the town I live in.

Summer, part 1.

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