Like fish in the sea!

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  I designed this little ditsy pattern for this week’s contest on Spoonflower.  Click on the image above–you’ll land in the contest page. I discovered today that it’s not necessary to sign up or log in in order to vote, so please go through the myriad entries and choose mine. You’ll have to keep going […]

Birthday wishlist, part 1 of many.

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This book:     Let’s make things clear: boys are so much easier than girls. They don’t care what clothes they’re wearing, they don’t want nail polish at age 2 (they kind of do at age 4, but it’s easy to talk them out of it), they fall and get up and make no big […]

little by little

Please never lose your faith in me. I am a mess in all my undertakings, always too many and almost all at once. But it’s just because I’m slow and I have some attention deficit issues. But, sooner or later, I deliver. Here you go, three years after the first step in this strenuous project, […]

full house and summer end.

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My friend Patricia and her two kids came to visit us on the last weekend before the school start. We had a house full of very lively children and luckily our neighbours downstairs were away. We had fantastic weather and we managed to give our guests a nice fix of fresh air and smoked ham. […]

adventures in welding

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How some scraps of metal, in this case aluminium, become something useful and somewhat awesome. I found several rods and some pieces of aluminium boards. The diameter of the rods made me think instantly of my sewing machine’s spool holder. I also thought about the mess around my sewing table.  I took a workshop on […]