Like fish in the sea!

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I designed this little ditsy pattern for this week’s contest on Spoonflower.  Click on the image above–you’ll land in the contest page. I discovered today that it’s not necessary to sign up or log in in order to vote, so please go through the myriad entries and choose mine. You’ll have to keep going through all the entries until the last page in order to save the vote. Thanks a lot!

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Birthday wishlist, part 1 of many.

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This book:



Let’s make things clear:

boys are so much easier than girls.

They don’t care what clothes they’re wearing, they don’t want nail polish at age 2 (they kind of do at age 4, but it’s easy to talk them out of it), they fall and get up and make no big deal, and they don’t torment your existence with obsessing over any color in particular.

But…. there’s little satisfaction for the mommy when it comes to the playing-with-dolls aspect of motherhood.

Well, not anymore. With this book I’m gonna go wild and make them clothes and have tea parties.


This little guy here with this little romper is making me feel just slightly sorry about that vasectomy. (who am I kidding)


How sixties is this shirt? sixties dapper.


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little by little

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Please never lose your faith in me. I am a mess in all my undertakings, always too many and almost all at once. But it’s just because I’m slow and I have some attention deficit issues. But, sooner or later, I deliver. Here you go, three years after the first step in this strenuous project, and one and a half years after the second, the three back cushions of my sofa in their new covers. Less than a week after the completion of the much put off sewing, they’re already smeared with chocolate and other unknown substances, but it’s fine, you know why? because they’re finally brown.


With the same spirit, I finally managed to finish the curtains in our studio. This was probably the most unexpected project for me to finish, because a series of technical issues that seemed just unsurmountable (think ripping 24 meters of stupid seams) kept me even from thinking of tackling the job. I couldn’t have done it without Patricia’s visit, which constrained me to finally clean the craphole it had turned into. And thanks to my awesome mother-in-law, who helped me clean and purge the mountains of stuff I had buried in there, and upon finding the material for said curtains, offered to help. She managed in one hour what I hadn’t in a year or two. And then I just did some math and sewed some pleats. ta-daaaaaa

for these I bought two pairs of Ikea Lenda curtains  (back in the day when I got them , they cost 25 euros, and they were available in light blue) which are meant to hang vertically. I took off the tabs, sewed the pleats, and hung them horizontally. All in all it was a breeze because the size was purrrr-fect. The material is a lovely indian cotton with the right translucency. 50 euros and 20 months: perfection.

Next up, getting rid of the hot pink wall, painting it a very dark aubergine. Perhaps this weekend.

Oh, and let me brag about my new found working space. I was so buried in shit that not even Schliemann would’ve found it. Now it’s all nice!

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full house and summer end.

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My friend Patricia and her two kids came to visit us on the last weekend before the school start. We had a house full of very lively children and luckily our neighbours downstairs were away. We had fantastic weather and we managed to give our guests a nice fix of fresh air and smoked ham.

And commando slides.

And ice  cream.

close up…


Happiness in the cable car.








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adventures in welding

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How some scraps of metal, in this case aluminium, become something useful and somewhat awesome.

I found several rods and some pieces of aluminium boards. The diameter of the rods made me think instantly of my sewing machine’s spool holder. I also thought about the mess around my sewing table.  I took a workshop on welding and soldering and it was great. I’m convinced that I was born for manual work.  I cut my pieces, polished them, drilled some holes, and then welded the whole thing together into this:

It’s far from perfect, and the welding is probably the most horrible welding job ever, but hey.

Nobody’s perfect. Who wants to be nobody?

And it serves its purpose pretty well…

Let’s look at it from another angle, shall we?

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