this, too.

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I’ve been working hard on this semester’s project, and it’s looking a bit like this:   stackable wine glasses for different types of wine, with detachable stem. We’ll see how that evolves.

This was too much work not to blog.

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2011 Advent Calendar: I cut 24 stars out of cheap packing paper and 24 stars out of red, green, silver and golden construction paper. Stuck something inside, like gummy bears, dice, a tiny notebook, stickers, a tiny magnifying glass, marbles etc. And then sewed them in pairs. With glitter glue I wrote the days. They’re […]


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I rarely write anything personal in here, for a variety of reasons. Among the stalkers and batshit crazy people who come in everyday and go through everything I’ve ever written, my family who come to see my children, and google image search that come and see babies with a long tongue, I don’t really bother. […]