Bucato a San Miguel de Allende, Messico.

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Photo by Dino Fiorello

It’s saturday, it’s the day for the laundry for me as well. I hope I could get a sunny day and an en-plain-air washing spot like the one in San Miguel. But I’m not doing my clothes today, because I’m quite busy trying to finish my thesis, which turned out to be a harder work than I thought at the beginning. I keep saying to myself that after this final effort, I will move on to doing what I really love… I hope it will be actually so. It’s nice to be car-less at the moment, at least I don’t have to think about parking. I do need to fix my bike’s brakes though, otherwise I’ll end up in an emergency room with some bones broken. Today I received Diario magazine and the Economist too. There’s a small article on the latter, about women being less successful in science and math, and I can’t agree more: I’m the living proof of that. But who cares about math when I can Cook the best ossobuco in the world?

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