About me

hi! I’m a typographer and information designer based in Sterzing, Italy.
I studied Design and Art in Bolzano (Italy), and specialised in Information Design at the University of Reading (England).

I am a highly creative, neurodiverse person with expertise in environmental graphic design, procedural instruction design, and experience in print and digital design. Good typography is my life’s purpose.
Wayfinding and instruction design are my main areas of interest, because I enjoy creating conceptual order in complex environments, and conveying this order to users and visitors through efficient and aesthetic visual systems.

You can hire me to design your content so it looks good and people want to read it, to design your posters so they look good and people want to come to your events, or to design your signage, so people feel safe in your space and want to return.

Photo: Aria Sadr-Salek