Information Design Summer School

For anyone interested in information design (not only graphic designers, but journalists, lawyers, educators), Rob Waller and

tga Symposion, Raabs a. d. Thaya 2017

  I was incredibly lucky to receive an invitation from Martin Tiefenthaler to speak at the tga symposium in Austria last

May 2017

Preamble: Before Facebook was a thing, I kept a blog for close to 10 years. It saw me through the end of school, my marriage,

Welcome to my studio

    If you know me, you know how much I dislike religion and how much I like church state separation. Well, I also l

2015 printable calendar

2015 is almost here! I made a little wall calendar to give to my in-laws: I designed it in A3 format so I can take it to the l

Closure and restart

The results are in!   One of my highschool teachers used to tell us kids that there were things in life that made life ch

women in the shadows

The reason things have been quiet around here is this. My semester project, which I officially wrapped up on Saturday. An urba

typography soft pr0n part 2.

typography soft pr0n part 1.

Today I went on a little field trip to a very cool Museum of Modern Art that opened 10 years ago in the small city of Rovereto

Sleep and disorientation


For Technologies class I was asked to make a cube, in any material and with any function. I thought of those cubic photo frame


A geometric display typeface with whimsy details like open counters and pointy corners. Named after the town I live in.