For Technologies class I was asked to make a cube, in any material and with any function.

I thought of those cubic photo frames at once, and I decided to give that a little twist. Also, working with perspex is fun. I cut 8 squares and joined them together with a pivot. Sounds easy, the whole process took me one week, mostly because I had to produce my own custom pivot, which involved making a screw from scratch.


Each photo is sandwiched between two squares and kept together with a little screw. Sounds easy. It wasn’t.

I’m so happy it’s finished. I always have these ideas with methacrylate, and they turn out to be 100 times more time consuming than I think. But it’s always worth it: so shiny!







2 thoughts on “Cube

  1. Ana

    I love the cube the pics of all of you are sensational, my boys are so handsome. Love you!

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