May 2017


Before Facebook was a thing, I kept a blog for close to 10 years. It saw me through the end of school, my marriage, my baby children and my second stint at university. There I had a quick conversation with a millennial (what?) who asked me: what is a blog?

I knew it was over.

I closed my blog, its archive saved in some external hard drive whose whereabouts are now unknown to me. I started using facebook to share what I was up to and to keep track of life, albeit in a way that didn’t give too much away, since the meaning of “friend” over there is pretty broad.
Yesterday, after 8 years, I deleted my account. I will miss the possibility of saying hi to people I haven’t seen in ages, and I will miss the outrage at learning that they have turned (or have always been?) anti-science, anti-vaxxers, brexiters, trumpists, etc. Oh no wait, I won’t miss that.

Probably the most useful parts of that website were the chance of tooting one’s horn when something good happened, and cheering on friends when they did so. Well, I decided I have a blog and will do the same thing here, where, if anybody is reading, is because they want to, and not because some obscure and evil algorithm decides they should.

Catching up:

  • I’m freelancing and always looking for new projects: wayfinding, instruction manuals, user guides, books, etc.
  • My Dear How to: project is what I’m most excited about lately: We won Gold and Jury Prize in the IIID Award.
  • That, and out trip to Mexico next month (haven’t been there and haven’t seen my relatives in 5 years).
  • I’m working on my Speak-o-bello project, in the hopes of finding a way to produce it and sell it.
  • I’m running again!
  • I’m still on twitter and instagram