Working Sabbatical

As of last month I’m on a break from full-time employment, in something I’m calling a working sabbatical.

I’m learning new things (bookbinding, packaging design, motion design); working with my brother in his latest endeavours; taking on new projects with people whose enthusiasm is contagious – I need that! – travelling, and also enjoying the exhilaration of making plans again.

So far, those plans include a long weekend in Rome with the kids, swinging to Venice to catch the Art Biennale with my friend Tom Rieke, speaking – together with my friend and colleague Josefina Bravo – at ICTVC in Thessaloniki in July, a quick trip to London to celebrate my friends Stephen’s and Andrew’s milestone birthdays.

All this gallivanting is not possible in full-time work and that’s too bad. But I’m planning on returning to work, for the sake of my bank account, in January 2023.