dead end

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This blog is now closed. For updates, follow me on twitter.

I’m still here

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Finished 4 exams with decent results and survived. Enjoyed 12 days of vacation doing mostly cross country skiing and lolling around at home, playing with the boys and having a ball. Tomorrow it all starts over, my hopefully final semester and it’s going to be a tough one. I have a big project and 4 […]


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my blog is broken. I can’t blog. Me sad. It’s time to change things around here, it’s been almost 6 years since the last redesign and it hurts my eyes every time.

Summer, so far…

*ushhhhh* I’m blowing off the dust of this blog (and emptying the shit out of my iphone as you can see)… sorry I’ve been rather busy. We had a bumpy summer start this year, my husband breaking a knee playing football on no other day than summer solstice, and all that endless fun that follows: […]

the newsstand in Berlin

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I love magazines, so every time I get out of my god forsaken town and find a proper newsstand I’m like a kid in a candy store. No scratch that. I’m like a kid in the iPad store. Anyway, I also love to look at shitty magazines: 1993? Hello! It’s 2012, we found one of […]

Medical school is next.

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They usually say that a first born enjoys a more thorough documentation of their early life, while the subsequent siblings and their accomplishments go unnoticed or at least never make it to the family album. In this case I have proof that we try our hardest: I have evidence of both my boys as they […]


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windy, awesome. Bad Internet.

can’t believe my luck!

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I found a website that sells shoes for size 12 cinderellas like me and ships to Italy… and thanks to the strong euro, they are a steal. I’m so giddy.  I bought these shoes to go with my  baby blue dress below. Can you tell I’m so excited about the wedding? and also, right after […]

Sherri’s fall swap 2010

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look what the postman brought me today!!! Erin sent me: peppermint tea, my favorite! reese’s buttercups, my weakness coffeeeeee! a blend that I can’t wait to try. I looove American coffee. (don’t tell that to those espresso-nazis of Italy) lip balm three very cool pens and a mini high quality paper sketch pad food colors!!!! […]

the next thing on my sewing list..

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A shirt and tie for my middle finger. University log 20101006 -InDesign is overwhelmingly difficult but I am dedicated and I’m learning, surprisingly. Also, the Monalisa is looking at you.