New Year’s resolutions

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Do yourself a favor, listen to this piece of Mexican music. smile more play more with my kids read more to my kids do more crafts with my kids be more patient awfulize less live the moment more get less overwhelmed by feelings sew more crochet more design more focus more be less anxious paint […]

16 2/3 % done.

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Soooo.. long time no see. Yeah I’ve been awfully busy, time just flieeees… Next week I have to sit 4 exams, more or less easy peasy, and then I’m free until March 7th! I plan to use my “free” time as follows: spend time with my boys. learn to ski cross country swim a lot […]

Christmas bonanza, 2010 edition.

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Presents this year included: iPhone4 (!!!!!!!) which I haven’t been able to play with yet because don’t try this at home or at least listen to the guy and not just snip snip snip because it won’t fookin work; a fan-tas-tic f 1.4 – 50mm lens for my camera which I’m completely and totally in […]

the vacuity of shopping

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it’s been a while since the last installment of my shopping series, and there are a bunch of things that I have been coveting lately so there you have it: Lisse rug, by Liz Eeuwes I mean, honestly, in my living room I haven’t got a rug because I’m a rug-commitment phobic.  But with this […]

Husband’s guide to filling wife’s stocking.

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*blink* *blink* this list is a mere public service. It doesn’t mean that I could be happy with these things *blink* *blink* You can never go wrong with shiny rocks. And also not shiny ones. I dig lava stone earrings and bracelets, a lot. A pretty pen. I love Lamy fountain pens. 2010 daily planner. […]

One-worded scoop

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via Alexis 1. Where is your mobile phone? lost 2. Your hair? tumbleweed 3. Your mother? far 4. Your father? bohemian 5. Your favourite food? food 6. Your dream last night? crazy 7. Your favourite drink? G&T 8. Your dream/goal? understanding 9. What room are you in? livingroom 10. Your hobby? sewing 11. Your fear? […]

what we did this weekend

Anyone who knows more than a little about me knows that I’m spoiled rotten. I was lucky enough in my former life to travel a lot and, with countable exceptions, make it to great hotels.  Sometimes with the help of my adorable, now bare, Visa card. Never a matter of wealth – not my own […]

Christmas Bonanza Extravaganza

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ok, it can be a bit embarrassing, with the recession and all, but this Christmas was something out of the ordinary: Damiano got: a truck: a Mr. Potato Head, which became an instant favorite: I got: a Nikon D60 SLR Camera. Wow. a Guss Woll non stick pan: a tangent4 internet radio: Michele got: a […]

What I could’ve been but I’m not

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opera singer couch tester architect book critic baker bonsai master harpist art historian autopsy performer actuary nobel prize winning economist firefighter journalist pilot chauffeur librarian wine tester urban planner seamstress glass blower carpenter kick ass designer lion tamer quiz writer con artist upholsterer mother of 10 (I’ll stop at 2)

What I am not and clearly wasn’t meant to be

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movie director mathematician physicist diplomat singer butcher accountant veterinarian stock broker chicken sexer police officer farmer plumber gardener actress coach video game tester dog sniffer fortune cookie writer DJ rally co driver waitress nurse cleaning lady stripper president