gorgeous holiday rental in the heart of the Alps!

It’s been a year since our plans of going abroad for a year were made and then brutally crushed together with knee ligaments and life threatening health issues. But we persisted, and now it’s really happening. I’ll be doing a master’s degree at the University of Reading starting in October, but we’re leaving in July […]

Gingerbread house 2012

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The lengthy celebration of Jesus’s birthday at our house starts traditionally on the second Sunday of December with the waste of otherwise perfectly good ingredients in the shape of a too-hard-to-chew cookie house. This year I went to town and tried to replicate our actual house in gingerbread. Of course, the key word here is […]


I know it is insane to nourish feelings of love towards an inanimate object, but this sofa does exactly that to me. I’m not sure if it was the simplicity of the frame, or the fact that it’s soft without being blobby, but I think it’s an amazing design. (It’s such a shame that it […]

IKEA PS 2012 collection @ Salone del Mobile Milano

Yesterday I drove to Milan to see my set of wine glasses on display at the Salone del Mobile. Danese has shown interest in them and included them in their exhibition in the Fuori Salone. There was a lovely brunch with the well-to-do Milano folk. After that, I dashed to Ventura Lambrate where amongst many […]

chair p0rn

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a bit of chair porn from my last week trip to London:     lust.   multicolored child size thonet chairs. Enough said. At the Design Museum, a series of chairs most of which designed by Sir Terence Conran for his restaurants. want want want    

little by little

Please never lose your faith in me. I am a mess in all my undertakings, always too many and almost all at once. But it’s just because I’m slow and I have some attention deficit issues. But, sooner or later, I deliver. Here you go, three years after the first step in this strenuous project, […]

what’s in here?

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I so seldom clean up that when I do, my home seems worthy to be photographed.

Gingerbread town 2010

I’ll try to get over my blogger’s block (AKA lack of time) and will share these pretty things: Santi’s been all snotty and coughing and generally miserable, but boy did he enjoy nicking my table with that pizza wheel. Damiano is growing so fast, and he loves rolling dough. Of course, his mommy wanted to […]

2010 Advent Calendar

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Yesterday I was feeling crafty and happy about things (elated at my professor’s reaction to my folding chair: he said it was awesome!), so to celebrate I made this year’s advent calendar. Besides, it was now or never because I start a new project today and it looks like it’s going to be even harder […]

a folding chair: a preview of my homework

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(update: working model photos!) and flat: Imagine putting a chair and a wall in the mad mix machine in every designer’s head. That’s what we did, right after trying many other combinations, like the swing chair, the rug chair, the window chair, the credenza chair, and the door chair (among others). This folding chair is, […]