Santi, 4. Paper airplane party.

4 years ago I made a baby and he was the chubbiest sweetest thing in the world. Now he’s a big boy who still wishes he could wear nappies, who loves food and cars and pink. He’s quick to scare (Santi the cupboard!!!) and also quick to console. He loves his big brother probably more […]

Quick coptic stitch weekly planner

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Soooo…. I’ve got a ton of things to do and surprisingly a ton of enthusiasm, too. The new semester started and it’s called SUMMER SEMESTER. That means winter will eventually end and the sun will shine on us. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, especially since I discovered my favorite thing in the world […]

anything can be a cushion

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snowy day yesterday, so after indulging in a sushi lunch we got back home and Michele had some nap credits to use up so I was left to entertain the kids all by myself. Damiano said he wanted to sew, and I thought: why not. We did a little bit of stitching, he made a […]

Gingerbread house 2012

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The lengthy celebration of Jesus’s birthday at our house starts traditionally on the second Sunday of December with the waste of otherwise perfectly good ingredients in the shape of a too-hard-to-chew cookie house. This year I went to town and tried to replicate our actual house in gingerbread. Of course, the key word here is […]

robots and pirates

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I had some fun screen printing the other day: The boys have become rather picky in the morning regarding clothes to wear, refusing plain shirts. Well, the other day I simply took every single garment that could be printed on from their closet and prepared three screens in their favourite things: Fiat 500, VW Bus […]

summer’s end

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I’d never thought I’d say this, living in this part of the world where winter starts on the 1st of September and goes on till the 1st of July, more or less, but as things are, I’m soooo glad this summer is finally over – done – fertig – finito! The bottom line of this […]

bakers helper and typecooker

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**UPDATE** Here’s the new, and definitive (in case I manage to pull the prints on Friday, if not I might tweak the design further) version. Here’s a little something I made while locked up in the hospital. I digitized my typecooker sketches from typo Berlin (a monospaced-no descenders-short ascenders-slab serif-flared stems kind of thing) and […]

The couch!

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Lo and behold! It’s finally here! In record time, judging by my past performances, in only 4 months from idea to finished product. I wanted to make a couch for the boys’ room since we got rid of the changing table more than a year ago and were left with a sad mattress on the […]

the summer of the steeplechase.

Olympic Steeplechase 3000. Please! That’s nothing, compared with what life threw at me this summer. But I’ve been winning, so far. (fingers crossed). Things done this summer, more or less chronologically: 1.Took the kids to the lake: 2.Took the kids on a hike, by myself, they both walked for 1 hour both ways. Heroes. 3.Made […]

Summer, so far…

*ushhhhh* I’m blowing off the dust of this blog (and emptying the shit out of my iphone as you can see)… sorry I’ve been rather busy. We had a bumpy summer start this year, my husband breaking a knee playing football on no other day than summer solstice, and all that endless fun that follows: […]