it’s been so long…

Blogging is hard, takes a long time, is not satisfying, and it’s super useless. That said, I’ll keep doing it because it helps my shitty memory, especially when I need to find a recipe or when I wonder what was I doing 2 3 or 4 years ago today. Life goes so fast, and only […]

gorgeous holiday rental in the heart of the Alps!

It’s been a year since our plans of going abroad for a year were made and then brutally crushed together with knee ligaments and life threatening health issues. But we persisted, and now it’s really happening. I’ll be doing a master’s degree at the University of Reading starting in October, but we’re leaving in July […]

Ne pas plier and Gerard Paris-Clavel

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It is no secret that I love My University, and how could I not? This time it took me to meet one of the most important graphistes of the past century (may I also say philosopher?) and I got to spend the whole day learning from him and his philosophy. It was one of the […]

Paris Paris Paris

Sooner than I had anticipated I managed to take my boys to Paris. Fed by an obsession with dubious pixar films and high speed trains I got them all excited and it totally paid off. The TGV does go really fast. The Eiffel Tower was explored, on foot, somebody’s acrophobia notwithstanding. Le Jardin d’acclimatation. A […]

photos of Mexico, part III.

My aunt and godmother invited us again to her lovely Acapulco villa, where we spent the most relaxing 5 days of the last 6 years. and we got to see the most beautiful sunsets. The boys grew gills. And we all got ridiculously tanned. And now, back to the heart of winter!  

more photos of Mexico (part II)

The main reason for our trip was to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday. It included delicious food, tamarind margaritas, and around 100 relatives. Here is she, in amazing shape, with all her granddaughters. (note: her locks are her natural colour. She’s never died her hair) And this is the whole lot of descendants: Dancing and […]

many photos from Mexico, part I.

First stop of our autumn vacation: Valle de Bravo. It’s a super cool town. I lived there when I was 9 until I was 11. (I mostly hated it back then) The boys got to meet their cousin Lucas. I really miss my cousins and the fact that over here my kids will never have […]

the summer of the steeplechase.

Olympic Steeplechase 3000. Please! That’s nothing, compared with what life threw at me this summer. But I’ve been winning, so far. (fingers crossed). Things done this summer, more or less chronologically: 1.Took the kids to the lake: 2.Took the kids on a hike, by myself, they both walked for 1 hour both ways. Heroes. 3.Made […]


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I got there on Saturday. It was hot and crowded, as always. I went on the terrace of the Galleries Lafayette to take it all in. I walked and walked. And walked. I didn’t take many photos because I was carrying my iPhone as only camera and had flat batteries more often than not. Also, […]

TYPO Berlin 2012

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After 7 years I managed to go back to Berlin, and I had a perfect excuse to do it. The Typo conference is one of those things that the cool kids go to, all the designers and typographic heroes, including those whose fault it is that I got into this mess in the first place. […]