are we still friends?

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In reverse chronological order, things that have kept me away from here: Cycling in no cycle areas of Hyde Park at dusk. Grandpa and Grandma visiting and being forced to eat sushi. Making strudel, and a cookbook entry. Crafting pirates’ hats. Keeping house. Being postgraduate. These trees. Making potato clocks. Telling the kids that if […]

fish biscuits

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Santi reminded me today: “Mommeeei, it’s raining. You said that when it was raining we make fish biscuits”. Well, that is true, I promised. And I had managed to avoid them for a couple of rainy days already. This was the day. Since the vegimals (go ahead, I’ll wait) are not here to help me, I decided […]

Summer, so far…

*ushhhhh* I’m blowing off the dust of this blog (and emptying the shit out of my iphone as you can see)… sorry I’ve been rather busy. We had a bumpy summer start this year, my husband breaking a knee playing football on no other day than summer solstice, and all that endless fun that follows: […]


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I rarely write anything personal in here, for a variety of reasons. Among the stalkers and batshit crazy people who come in everyday and go through everything I’ve ever written, my family who come to see my children, and google image search that come and see babies with a long tongue, I don’t really bother. […]

little by little

Please never lose your faith in me. I am a mess in all my undertakings, always too many and almost all at once. But it’s just because I’m slow and I have some attention deficit issues. But, sooner or later, I deliver. Here you go, three years after the first step in this strenuous project, […]

Summer, part 1.

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Loteria notebooks

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School is out tomorrow for 3 months! YAY. I wanted to make something for Damiano’s preschool teachers who are super nice and have a ton of patience and always make me wonder how on earth can anyone do that job. I didn’t have much time, but I also want Damiano to grow up capable of […]

party gifts.

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All the girls I didn’t birth must be in limbo, rejoicing that I’m not their mother. Here’s a little sample of the shit they would never have been able to come close to.   underage hooker style barbie. Keep this away from the prime minister. aha… oh look! the hooker had a baby! who dipped […]

happy birthday bunting

My baby turned 4 today!!!!! It seems like decades ago that we were at the NICU, but it also seems like weeks ago that we were celebrating his 2nd birthday. It’s crazy.   I was feeling horrible today because I decided that since his party will be next thursday he really didn’t need to know […]

the artists formerly known as…

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Outsourcing my christmas card production…. If I have your address, expect one of these