reading and running and roaring

I just finished reading this book: Loved it. I am, as it turns out, a strident feminist, and it’s a great thing. If I had teenage daughters I’d read it out loud to them.   Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far (Katie pointed out that the distance in days from the […]

IKEA PS 2012 collection @ Salone del Mobile Milano

Yesterday I drove to Milan to see my set of wine glasses on display at the Salone del Mobile. Danese has shown interest in them and included them in their exhibition in the Fuori Salone. There was a lovely brunch with the well-to-do Milano folk. After that, I dashed to Ventura Lambrate where amongst many […]

Baby-led Weaning: the cookbook!

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A year ago, two lovely ladies found my blog through these photos of Santiago. These ladies were non other than Gill Rapley and Tracy Murkett, the authors of an amazing book that Katie gave me two Christmases ago: Baby-led weaning. Today I received a copy of their second book: the Baby-led weaning cookbook. If you’re about to […]

on a side note…

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this girl here saved me. It’s hands down the best manual breast pump I’ve ever used and believe me, I’ve tried quite a few. I’ll go to town and say it’s even better than the hospital medela I used all the time while Damiano was in the hospital. It’s simply fantastic. No hand cramps, 10 […]

Our 2009 Album

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ahhhh the digital era! I have like 11 terabytes (does that even exist? anyway… they should invent words for us people always hyperbole-ing) of photos, and very very few actual prints of them. Also, I live far from many people I love. Enter We just received 13 copies of our 2009 family album. It’s […]

Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged a book review, I think the last one was back in January 2007 days before Damiano was born. Partly because I haven’t read half as much as I used to, partly because I hadn’t read anything review-worthy. Today I finished reading the two thousand one hundred pages of […]

Pannolini di tela.

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Ho deciso che avrei usato pannolini di tela con i miei figli perche': 1. Con i pannolini di plastica si spreca il doppio dell’acqua rispetto a quanta ne serve per lavare quelli di cotone: il materiale “superassorbente” continua ad assorbire acqua una volta che il pannolino e’ nella discarica, aiutando a consumare acqua dalle falde. […]


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Can you see that? We received it this morning: it is our first BioKistl! We got this hutch full of organic fruit (oranges, melon, apples) and vegetables (chard, squash, bell peppers, green beans, carrots, lettuce and cauliflower) from BioKistl, a southtyrolean (?) company that pools organic produce from the region and then delivers selections such […]

L’anno del pensiero magico (The year of magical thinking)

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Joan Didion. Ho iniziato l’anno con uno shopping spree in libreria. Il primo libro che ho finito, catturata dal titolo, è stato “l’anno del pensiero magico”. Avevo sentito da diverse fonti recensioni incoraggianti su questo libro, che non è un saggio e nemmeno un romanzo. Inoltre, ha vinto molti premi e venduto molte copie. Mi […]

le vie del cinema (film di venezia e locarno a milano) 2006

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Sono passati due anni da quando ho fatto la prima recensione dei film visti al festival. L’anno scorso ne vidi solo un paio perche’ ero impegnata a fare non so che cosa (Erano due bei film comunque, The constant gardener e Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, terzo film della trilogia tanto da me attesa di Chan-Wook […]