typography soft pr0n part 1.

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Today I went on a little field trip to a very cool Museum of Modern Art that opened 10 years ago in the small city of Rovereto. For their 10th anniversary they’ve put up an exhibition combining objects and artworks from their collection, as well as objects they’ve shown over the years in different exhibitions. […]


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I got there on Saturday. It was hot and crowded, as always. I went on the terrace of the Galleries Lafayette to take it all in. I walked and walked. And walked. I didn’t take many photos because I was carrying my iPhone as only camera and had flat batteries more often than not. Also, […]

chair p0rn

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a bit of chair porn from my last week trip to London:     lust.   multicolored child size thonet chairs. Enough said. At the Design Museum, a series of chairs most of which designed by Sir Terence Conran for his restaurants. want want want    

Glass objects

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Last week I went on a short trip to Winterthur and Zurich to visit a couple of exhibitions and do some reckless shopping (note to husband: just kidding). The Gewerbemuseum (trade and craft museum) in Winterthur is currently showing a very nice collection of glass objects, in perfect timing with my semester project. Here are […]

typographic weekend

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I spent this past weekend away from my boys and my adored husband, and though I missed them terribly, I was very happy to print print print. Four crazy people, owners of Adana printing presses, got together to make a book and other little projects. I happen to be the craziest of the 4, owner […]

a preview of my homework

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Or rather, a preview of something pretty that will be part of my homework: Processing generated graphics, starting with a recording of Santi while chatting himself to sleep, or with KISS’s I was made for loving you baby…. they still need a bit of tweaking before I can proceed to my actual work but I […]


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Damiano was asked to draw a picture of me for mother’s day. This is the most anthropomorphic thing he’s ever drawn (though it looks like an ostrich with a svastika-head), and I’m flattered because I know orange is his favourite colour.

my favourite, current obsession

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  Digital Graphics and Typography. Wherein I learn everything about type and how to design my own.    

the artists formerly known as…

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Outsourcing my christmas card production…. If I have your address, expect one of these