are we still friends?

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In reverse chronological order, things that have kept me away from here: Cycling in no cycle areas of Hyde Park […]

it’s been so long…

Blogging is hard, takes a long time, is not satisfying, and it’s super useless. That said, I’ll keep doing it […]

gorgeous holiday rental in the heart of the Alps!

It’s been a year since our plans of going abroad for a year were made and then brutally crushed together […]

Santi, 4. Paper airplane party.

Santi, 4. Paper airplane party.

4 years ago I made a baby and he was the chubbiest sweetest thing in the world. Now he’s a […]


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′ On Saturday we woke up at dawn (if you think they look tired you should’ve seen me), hopped on a […]

memory lane on horseback

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Me, 10 years old, on my 10 year old cob. I loved riding. Somehow I found it beautifully depressing.