Mussels and Clams

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I don’t know if these caused me to dream of having another car accident last night, but they were superb. I hosted an excellent cook, and he didn’t disappoint me. I kept the stock in the freezer, to cook spaghetti all’acqua di mare, one of these days.

Più Focacce

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prima dopo

Chef Dandy e sguattera

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Menù: mezzegonne ai due pomodori; pollo al bukkake di curry e fagiolini; coppa malakov. Bukkake (nappatura) di curry: maionese di un tuorlo, yogurt greco, curry in polvere, limone, sale, pepe Coppa Malakov: pan di spagna intercalato con crema pasticcera e frutta.

Almost there.

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Hopefully my journey throughout university aisles will be over in March. These kind guys were honoured to place the last signature and grade on my record. I thought it was a special moment worth remembering.

Identità Golose (23-25 gennaio 2005)

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Mi scuso innanzi tutto per il ritardo. Blogger aveva dei problemi e non riuscivo a postare (sgrunt). Ho passato due giorni fantastici, a sentire parlare e vedere in azione i guru della scena culinaria italiana, spagnola, francese e anche americana. E’ come se a un bambino che vuole fare il figlio di puttana da grande […]

My Thesis

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Evidence of total stylistic cluelessness.

Bucato a San Miguel de Allende, Messico.

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Photo by Dino Fiorello It’s saturday, it’s the day for the laundry for me as well. I hope I could get a sunny day and an en-plain-air washing spot like the one in San Miguel. But I’m not doing my clothes today, because I’m quite busy trying to finish my thesis, which turned out to […]

My car

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So it happened. I had never had a car accident before and was really proud of it. Yesterday, after three years without snow in Milan, we had a 20 cm snowfall, which was actually quite appealing. Specially for those who managed to make it home without a 3000 € damage.


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quant’è bello il mi nonno?

Felicidades Abuelito!!

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Hoy mi abuelito cumple 78 años! La foto es de hace 20…. pero sigue igual de guapo.