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I love music. I have been to classical music concerts since I was a little kid. (Once my grandparents took me to a baroque chamber music concert at the age of 3. I don’t remember, but my grandfather told me that at the end and right before the encore I started shouting: NOOOO NO MOREEEEE!! […]

100 things about my husband.

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1.Is very sexy though he’s completely unaware of it. 2.Is very shy. 3.Used to play under the table with a carton box and a string, and was a very quiet child. 4.Has an older brother who is totally opposite and they love each other very much. 5.Loves gummy bears. 6.Loves mayonnaise. 7.Makes me laugh constantly. […]

Plans and Fate

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My extended vacation, dressed with concern for the household economy and excitement about the future at the same time, my plans of swimming, learning german, maybe enrolling in the University on a course of History or Philosophy, the planning of my Wedding, they were all threated yesterday by a job interview. The employer wanted to […]


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Tonight while I was looking for my glasses, without which I cannot drive, read or see anything accurately, I ran on the power cord of my powerbook 12″ making it dive onto the marble floor with a loud crisp blast. My breath got short for a moment. I was desperate. My PB is 6 months […]


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The German course, two mexicans (me is one) and two italians. Of course, the teacher is German. Dieter (Hero of the People). One or another hitched to germans or austrians (or sudtirolers). German is schwer, but like all schwer things, it yields big satisfaction (years of study to be able to build a sentence with […]

Lunch at Pretzhof. Special Occasion.

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More shots of our civil marriage on Michele’s site.

The wisdom of Adolf Hitler

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“What good fortune for those in power that people do not think”

One month hiatus

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It’s great to get one’s own life back. So I stoppeed working and decided not to look for another job until mid october. In the meantime: I will be learning german at the Goethe Institut Mailand. Hopefully. I was there on monday, and unexpectedly I found myself inside an empty classroom, with a test and […]


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That was it. I quit. I will find another job, but I’ll wait ’till October or November to do so. I have other things to do right now, like relaxing, planning, swimming, taking a german course, taking a pastry course in Paris, going away for the weekends… (I’m happy it’s over. I loved what I […]