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I love music. I have been to classical music concerts since I was a little kid. (Once my grandparents took me to a baroque chamber music concert at the age of 3. I don’t remember, but my grandfather told me that at the end and right before the encore I started shouting: NOOOO NO MOREEEEE!! ENOUGH!!!!)
Anyway, in my eclectic scope of music tastes, I was missing heavy metal, and I didn’t even have the elements to judge whether I would like it or not.
So for our anniversary, Michele took me to see a band called Nevermore that played in a famous Milanese club, the Rollingstone.
I know that What I’m about to write is not politically correct, but I have never seen so many ugly guys and girls all in one time. I mean, do these people ever go out to the sun? Has anyone told them that wearing only black clothes is bad for their bones? Oh, I know, I’m such a btich.
Anyway, the music wasn’t THAT bad. But the show, I mean, when these guys start shaking their long haired heads is comic. There’s a song that is beautifully depressing, of course I don’t know the title and maybe I will never listen to it again (god knows to which album it belongs to), but I enjoyed it.

On our way back home, on the bus, a guy that had been to the concert said that is was a dazzling one. So be it. And the cover of their last album is truly remarkable.



100 things about my husband.

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1.Is very sexy though he’s completely unaware of it.
2.Is very shy.
3.Used to play under the table with a carton box and a string, and was a very quiet child.
4.Has an older brother who is totally opposite and they love each other very much.
5.Loves gummy bears.
6.Loves mayonnaise.
7.Makes me laugh constantly.
8.Speaks perfect english and german, and would learn spanish and french in no time.
9.Lived for one year at El Paso, TX.
10.During that year he lost a lot of weight, and when his mother saw him, she cried.
11.He likes beer.
12.He’s an avid reader of Palahniuk, and he likes Survivor best.
13.Is a doctorphobic.
14.He loves sushi.
15.Lived for one year in Austria.
16.Dated eagerly older women.
17.I’m 4 years younger.
18.Isn’t ashamed to show his feelings or cry.
19.When he gets angry, he does.
20.Is a math whiz.
21.Is very respectful.
22.Becomes very pale when he’s feeling sick.
23.He loves computers and geeky gadgets.
24.He is not at ease when I drive.
25.He can’t leave a record store without a purchase.
26.He owns freakish cd’s.
27.He owns dozens of black t-shirts of metal bands.
28.We married after having dated for 11 months.
29.Is a healthy person.
30.Had a happy childhood.
31.Was the most brilliant and outstanding student in high school.
32.He didn’t tell me.
33.His grandmother did.
34.He rarely laughs at movies.
35.He is interested in other cultures, knowledge and science.
36.Is intelligent and curious.
37.Is understanding and caring.
38.Told me he loved me.
39.Took me two days to answer back.
40.Ever since, we tell each other “I love you” everyday.
41.We mean it.
42.He liked my grandfather.
43.My grandfather liked him too.
44.Never lies to me, rarely he does to others.
45.He forgets things.
46.He makes me blush when he looks at me.
47.He remembers complete dialogues from some movies.
48.He reads comics so fast that he forgets the plot 5 minutes later.
49.Has the best sense of humor.
50.Becomes nasty when we play backgammon.
51.Imitates roman accent and makes me crack up.
52.We’ve been to Paris, Lyon, Hamburg, and Zurich together.
53.My grandmother said of him: what a kind man.
54.First part of my body he kissed: my head.
55.I trust him unconditionally.
56.He is a professional farter.
57.He is an amateur burper.
58.He can do almost any task that he attempts to do.
59.Never yells.
60.He likes me to explain economy issues.
61.At least my degree wasn’t useless.
62.Plays the guitar, and I love it, but he’s too shy.
63.He makes me feel safe.
64.He’s a good friend.
65.He was really supporting when my grandfather passed away.
66.Being with him makes me feel dignified.
67.He taught me how to sleigh.
68.I prefer to ride with him, on the same sled.
69.He is handsome but doesn’t know.
70.He always wins when we play cards.
71.Sometimes disregards me, and then feels guilty.
72.Loves to eat what I cook.
73.I love it when he cooks for me.
74.He is not jealous.
75.We are both left handed.
76.We are both left wingers.
77.We both hate injustice.
78.He has beautiful hands.
79.He has never had a pet.
80.Hates to buy clothes.
81.Doesn’t care for sophisticated looks.
82.Doesn’t like stylish girls.
83.Helps me with my German.
84.Is very modest.
85.Is rational but also very emotional.
86.Has never done drugs.
87.He loves my body.
88.He is sweet.
89.He wants to have children.
90.He will.
91.He is not photogenic.
92.He likes junk food.
93.He can’t tell when wine tastes like cork.
94.He makes me happy.
95.He listens.
96.He loves my flaws.
97.He is extremely ticklish.
98.Hates being late.
99.He doesn’t like public displays of affection.
100.We hold hands everywhere.

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Plans and Fate

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My extended vacation, dressed with concern for the household economy and excitement about the future at the same time, my plans of swimming, learning german, maybe enrolling in the University on a course of History or Philosophy, the planning of my Wedding, they were all threated yesterday by a job interview. The employer wanted to hire me but the workplace was depressing and far from my home.

Throughout my whole life I have learned repeatedly that no matter how detailed, positive and certain your plans are, you should always keep an eye on those events that don’t depend on yourself, such as: falling in love, receiving a letter, receiving a phonecall, running into someone, being at the right place at the right/wrong time, among others.

In the meantime I try not to take myself too seriously, I dream of having children, and I am so happy.

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Tonight while I was looking for my glasses, without which I cannot drive, read or see anything accurately, I ran on the power cord of my powerbook 12″ making it dive onto the marble floor with a loud crisp blast.
My breath got short for a moment. I was desperate. My PB is 6 months old, it’s a baby!!!!
It was a gift from my grandfather when I got my degree in March. When someone you love dies, automatically everything he or she gave to you gains value, and becomes like a treasure to treasure. My PB is one of these treasures. My grandad knew what it meant to me: it was my best way to interface with the world around me.
Thankfully, Macs are sturdy, tough litte objects, and it’s a miracle that I’m writing this post right now, with a corner bent and an abnormal superdrive breach.

Sorry nonno.

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The German course, two mexicans (me is one) and two italians. Of course, the teacher is German. Dieter (Hero of the People). One or another hitched to germans or austrians (or sudtirolers). German is schwer, but like all schwer things, it yields big satisfaction (years of study to be able to build a sentence with each element in place). Lots of Aufgabe.
It’s the third time in the course of my life that I decide to learn a new language, and I have no problem in saying that it is the best way of being enriched intellectually. You get the chance to discourse with people, whose points of view would otherwise remain unexplored.

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Lunch at Pretzhof. Special Occasion.

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More shots of our civil marriage on Michele’s site.

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The wisdom of Adolf Hitler

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“What good fortune for those in power that people do not think”

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One month hiatus

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It’s great to get one’s own life back.

So I stoppeed working and decided not to look for another job until mid october. In the meantime:

I will be learning german at the Goethe Institut Mailand. Hopefully. I was there on monday, and unexpectedly I found myself inside an empty classroom, with a test and an answer sheet with my name on it. Level test.
It was reassuring to be there: back to “school” again. I miss it badly.
I scored surprisingly high (watching Fassbinder’s Lili Marleen the night before might have helped, as well as some reading and joking in german with Michele), so I passed on to an oral test. That I wasn’t prepared for at all, and I think I stank. My level was a B2 and in order for the class to be started, they need 4 more other people on that level. I am enthusiastic, so I keep my fingers crossed.

I will be swimming everyday, from 12 to 2 pm. The pool opens on the 26th. I haven’t decided yet whether I will get there with my bike or with a bus. It’s damn far: would take me about an hour to get there with a bus, OTOH I would catch lung cancer within a week with the pollution offered by this shiny city.

I will organize my cookbook library and magazines.

I will organize the closet.

I will spend lovely weekends away with Michele, maybe back to Cornelia’s or by the sea somewhere?

I will try to come up with the best business to start up with. I’m thinking about wedding cakes. I might find the time to rough out a business plan.

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That was it. I quit.

I will find another job, but I’ll wait ’till October or November to do so. I have other things to do right now, like relaxing, planning, swimming, taking a german course, taking a pastry course in Paris, going away for the weekends…

(I’m happy it’s over. I loved what I was doing, but I didn’t love the way I was being treated, and so it’s over.)

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