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I’m a mexican in formerly divided Berlin, when I read this courious headline on the BBC news site.
I do ackowledge that illegal migration is negative for both countries. The mexican government fails to do something about the people’s need of a better standard of living, and fails to recognise the potential of this people to the general well being of the whole country. Fails to renew and revolution the social structure of the country, fails to bring closer the rich and the poor, by not using the natural economic and political tools of wealth redistribution.But, building a fence. That is really amusing. (He who does not know history is fated to repeat it?). Well… of course if you get a fence, don’t foget a death-zone arround it, because you know, fences are easy to climb.

Mr. Hunter, don’t be so afraid of aliens, otherwise, try to face your fears. And you repubblicans stop quoting 9.11 for any fucking populistic pourpose. Mexicans can be dirty and can be poor, but surely they are not terrorists.

Bid to seal off US-Mexico border

A senior US Republican is pushing for the construction of a 2,000-mile (3,200km) fence along the entire length of the US-Mexico border.

Duncan Hunter, who chairs the Armed Services Committee in the House of Representatives, hopes to win enough support to pass a bill in Congress.

Critics of his bill say many immigrants enter the US legally but simply remain in the country when their visas expire.

More than 1m Mexicans are stopped from entering the US each year to seek work.

Mr Hunter’s plan for the fence envisages a dual-layer construction equipped with electric sensors stretching from the Pacific Ocean across to the Gulf of Mexico.

The fence would be surrounded by a new border buffer zone to the north and would be studded with 25 new official points of entry along its route.

High costs

A 14-mile (22km) westerly stretch of the border to the south of San Diego is currently protected by two layers of fencing.

Much of the lengthy frontier, though, is barely patrolled and protected only by ditches or barbed wire at best.

“Illegal aliens continue to funnel directly into many of our local communities and adversely impact our way of life,” said Mr Hunter, a California congressman.

He said that the lessons of 11 September 2001 taught Americans that immigration was a national issue that required national solutions.

Earlier this week Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said he aimed to achieve an “extremely high probability of detecting, responding to and interdicting” all illegal immigration.

In the absence of a fence, independent groups such as the Minutemen have begun patrolling stretches of the border hoping to catch illegal migrants.

Opponents of the fence have criticised its likely costs – estimated at about $8 billion (£4.5bn) – and the slim chances of wiping out all illegal immigration.

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First Week in Berlin.

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It’s been relatively long since my last post, because as you may have noticed, I am at the moment away from home, that is in the wonderful thriving city of Berlin. I will be here for three more weeks…. as like.. 25% of my stay is over.
What funny feelings and thoughts this new experiece of being for the first time in many years away from home, and more precisely, away from the person I love. I think this has never happened to me before. But also thoughts and feelings that are born from the new landscapes, the new language, the fact of being all the time alone with my thoughts, and not being used to it no more. I am spoiled, beause I’m used to telling Michele whatever comes to my mind that I feel worth talking out, and that makes life lighter.
So here I am, alone with my thoughts.
And what has it been of my 6 days in Berlin?
Well, I have done so many things, and have been so tireless, that I barely recognise myself. What is funny about this, is that I ackowledge the smallness of my human nature, that fails to understand that life is flowing every second, every millisecond, and that what has been, is simply no more. And what is yet to come, that is what really matters. So who gives a fuck if I know myself as a lazy person who prefers to stay in bed rather that wake up at 7 and go around Berlin with a random bus to end in a beautiful small museum with magnificent Picassos and Klees and Matisses? Who? I do…. since I’m impressed by myself.

But… life is flowing.

There is this melancholic enthusiasm about the new discovery. I’m so hungry to see things and learn things, but after I’ve come up to something new, I feel a sympathy for my ignorance.
It’s two in the morning, two thirty. Tonight I wanted to stay at home and sleep and eat cucumbers and read, and play around with my computer, but I don’t really know why, I took my purse and went to the bus stop and got in the first bus that stopped. I arrived to Potsdamer Platz. I decided to really go inside and see why all the fuss about it, since I had only seen it from “outside”.
I do think it’s an insult to Berlin, and I don’t really care much for the japanese guy who decided to bring the Fujikama or however you spell it, to Berlin, and most of all, I don’t care for the person from the authorization office of the city who actually let that horror be built. From the inside, it made me feel like in a science fiction future, not a happy one though. Anyway, I walked around, and I found the Berliner Philarmonie and that kind of changed my mood. I love yellow! I will be going back some other day to see if I can get tickets for something, anything. Anything is worth attending, I believe. I have been twice in the Staatsopera, I have seen Otello and the Magic Flute, which perhaps I will review on my blog when I have time. Now I have 5 more shows to see in the following weeks.

So now I will try to sleep, with all this thoughts packed inside. I have nothig planned for tomorrow, so I might just go around and take some pictures, shame on me, have taken not many pictures yet.

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