Birthday boy

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It’s just not your regular cola.

year end

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No time to blog these days. Too busy playing backgammon on the train, opening presents, and walking under this curious snowy weather. Oh, and of course, accounting.


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I had forgotten what it meant to work. It means that if you have a pair of pants that need dry cleaning, they’ll have to wait. If you forget to do the laundry once, then you’ll have nothing clean and ironed to wear. It means that if you need to get new contact lenses, then […]

Working Girl

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In Berlin 2 weeks ago. Things have changed since then. Now I have a regular mon-fri 9am-6pm job in a big company… can you believe that? neither do I. Warm thanks to Diane.

where are thou?

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Job and Mob

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It’s been a while since I came back from Berlin. The first week was a bit weird, trying to get my habits back into place, trying to get used to my usual again. I miss Berlin a little, I really enjoyed my days there. They seem so remote now. I love German and I loved […]