Under destruction

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This blog is undergoing major modifications, risking total collapse. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Spicy and Tarty lime and cilantro chicken. Eat more chicken.

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Cut a breast into pellets, cook in very hot olive oil, add powdered hot chili, lime juice and cilantro. Let cook, adding from time to time more lime juice, and eventually salt, pepper and a few drops of tabasco sauce. Serve with a mexican cucumber salad (cucumbers, lime juice, salt, crushed chili). I had a […]


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This bird flu psychosis is helping the family budget. And the mortality rate is only 50%. Here above one of my favorite dishes. Chicken with dried fruit and citrus, garnish: steamed thai jasmine rice. Ingredients for 2 – 4 pax (depending on the birdfluphobia rate among your party). 1 medium chicken, cut into pieces, with […]

4 months to go!!

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Reize und Aufregung

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Herausforderung, sehr fruchtbares Deutschlernen, neues Job, grossartige unglaubliche Einladung, unerwarteter Besuch, stundenlange Unterhaltungen, Bewegung. Keinen depressiven Gedanken, keine Angst vor der Zukunft.

Kitchen (coming soon)

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Yeeeeeeee!!!! I got the job…! I’m so happy!!!! Thanks to you all who kept your fingers (and toes) crossed! I’ll be starting in two weeks time. In the meantime I’ll get my wedding dress….

(Spicy) carrot cake

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I got a craving two hours ago for a nice slice of carrot cake, so after a little googling we decided to bake one together. Michele of course did the hard work, I was just having fun. Grating ginger and carrots. The recipe I was looking for was simple and used butter instead of oil […]

Walk the Line

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Yesterday we woke up early, had our usual Saturday brunch. (Egg sunny-side-up with a few drops of tabasco and pepper, chocolate milk, scones (freshly baked) with orange marmelade (warm thanks to the english). I had a job interview at 11, to what is presumably the job of my life, for the time being. Please keep […]

Photoblogging with my cellphone.

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It’s been a while since I did some serious blogging. Work didn’t leave me much to say, besides that I was not happy at all. On friday, that is, yesterday, I decided to pull off the aching tooth and I resigned. It took me a while to come up with the decision, mostly because I […]