100 things I love

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  1. my husband
  2. my Powerbook
  3. people who love me
  4. my grandfather
  5. my therapist
  6. strangers that smile on the public transport
  7. a great idea
  8. being able to carry out my great ideas
  9. talking on chat to old friends
  10. a clean bathroom
  11. the first real day of spring
  12. a good sexy bra
  13. dessert
  14. a cozy bed
  15. fennelseed tea
  16. good comics and graphic novels
  17. good books
  18. The Pink Floyd
  19. Google
  20. dirty jokes
  21. crying at movies
  22. my paintings (well.. not all of them)
  23. basil
  24. a nice walk getting lost
  25. sushi
  26. martha stewart’s Living (yeah this kind of embarrasses me)
  27. speaking German
  28. hugs
  29. dancing
  30. giving advice
  31. green traffic lights when I’m in a hurry
  32. having my legs waxed
  33. kissing
  34. furtive salacious looks to Michele while we’re in public
  35. laughs
  36. a good back rub
  37. Mozart’s requiem
  38. light blue
  39. rain
  40. the sound of rain
  41. the smell of earth after rain
  42. lemons & limes
  43. convex mirrors (sorciers)
  44. crying
  45. baking bread loaves and cakes
  46. thinking about how my children will be and choosing their names
  47. Paris
  48. Berlin
  49. Madrid
  50. Wien
  51. a good pair of jeans
  52. getting high on rose wine in the hotel room in France
  53. trashy gossip
  54. my friend Max’s laughter
  55. money for reckless shopping
  56. Marlene Dietrich
  57. learning something new
  58. my last name
  59. chocolate
  60. chocolate
  61. yeah, I like chocolate a lot
  62. a nice dress
  63. daisies
  64. The Swan Lake
  65. theater
  66. black cats
  67. pineapple
  68. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (though it’s been years since I last had one)
  69. 69
  70. my shoulders
  71. purses
  72. singing
  73. onomatopoeic words
  74. snow
  75. chinese shadows
  76. being naked
  77. make-up (though I seldom use it)
  78. Michele’s hands
  79. Michele’s eyes
  80. flying
  81. Woody Allen
  82. sleeping
  83. procrastinating
  84. etymology
  85. modern history
  86. politics
  87. blogging
  88. watching movie trailers
  89. not having a TV
  90. Wikipedia
  91. being both talented and lucky
  92. swimming
  93. The Nouvelle Vague
  94. attention
  95. WiFi
  96. being funny
  97. a good breakfast on Sunday
  98. making Michele crack up
  99. when Michele says he loves “me”
  100. being “me”

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Life is what happens while I’m blogging other things.

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I found this pic, dated march 28 2005. That is, one year ago.
Since then, lots of things have happened, but finally, today things seem to have fallen into place.

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Notte Bianca, Milano, 25-26 Marzo 2006

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Matteo, Patricia, Dandy back there and Michele. Hitting the streets after midnight.
At some point we came across Enrico and Elena in Brera. It was funny, since the odds of finding somebody in the crowd are kind of remote.
Me & Patricia on the very crowded streetcar.

It felt so much like those old times, when we wandered aronund the city two summers ago, from the Milano Film Festival to the parties thrown by the Castle. I was really looking forward to see the Cirque du Soleil, but we couldn’t find it. There was a sort of latin-salsa concert in the park, thousands of people on the streets and bottles of Moretti beer (in my opinion, the most shitty beer ever). We didn’t have a chance to see the exhibition on Van Gogh and the Stars, there was a 5 hour line and it was already 1 am. We walked a lot, and then we ended up in the Dickens’ pub, drinking Affligem and talking politics. Michele and I woke up this morning really late and had pancakes for breakfast.

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E’ urgente.

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E’ urgente l’amore.
E’ urgente una barca sul mare.

E’ urgente distruggere certe parole,
odio, solitudine e crudelta’,
alcuni lamenti,
molte spade.

E’ urgente inventare allegria,
moltiplicare i baci, i campi,
e’ urgente scoprire rose e fiumi
e mattini chiari.

Cade il silenzio sulle spalle e la luce
impura, fino a far male.
E’ urgente l’amore,
e’ urgente rimanere.

Eugenio de Andrade

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face mask: when stupid things are done for beauty

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Xocopili and Profiterols.

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Preheat oven at 200 celsius.
Prepare the choux: Put 2.5 dl of water, 60 grams of butter, 2 tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt in bain marie until the butter melts and then add 125 grams of flour and mix vigorously until the dough comes off the walls of the bowl. Remove from the bain marie and add 3 eggs, one by one, beating vigorously until smooth and sticky.

Fill a sac-a-poche with the choux pastry and yield the dumplings on a silicone mat. Bake for 20 minutes.

This is what they should look like.
Let them cool thoroughly.

Whip 2 dl of chilled cream ina chilled container with a chilled whip. (everything must be really cold, in order to get a stiff whipped cream). While whipping, add 2 tablespoons of sugar and vanilla extract.

Fill the sac a poche with the cream and inject each chou. (really fun)

Place the cream-filled dumplings on the serving plate, and refrigerate.

Prepare the spicy ganache. Put 200 grams of dark chocolate, 1 dl of cream and 1/2 teaspoon of powdered red chile, and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Let cool.

Pour over the choux.


Right before serving, grate generously Valrhona’s Xocopili (salty and spicy chocolate) over the profiterols.

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No internet access.

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Paradise. We don’t own a tv set, so we speak more, play more, and we have chance to build our own opinions thank the fact that we don’t receive the stream of propaganda that stays in the back of your head when you watch the wrong news broadcast. But what happens when this radical couple suddenly loses the internet access?
For starters, we cleaned up the house. But not just shallow clean. We actually picked up three kilograms of filth, organized the bookshelf, mounted three new shelves, put away a thousand issues of magazines, threw away all kinds of waste we kept in the house, and now we live in a beautiful castle.

The problem is that we did this after 2 evenings without broadband (and as a matter of fact, no band at all, impossible to connect with a modem as well because we don’t have a telephone line), and now we don’t have anything else to do! So now here we are, putting up to our withdrawal symptoms, at Teo’s place, scrounging some band.

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Good Cooking

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It had been some time since I last cooked a complete 3 course meal, with a scientific approach, experimenting new techniques and flavours, and daring to create my own recipes.
I had Alberto and Rica over from Rome, and I wanted to treat them with something special.

The menu was composed of a starter and a main course, and a great dessert.
The starter was rich flavoured, and the main course was more delicate, and that was kind of a flaw, but overall the result was good.

  • Scallops dressed with bacon and topped with chipotle bernaise sauce.
Bad photo, great result.

Chipotle bernaise sauce: Make a 2/3 reduction of 1 dl vinegar, 1/2 dl white wine, 2 chipotle chili with their sauce. Let cool. Add 5 egg yolks and mix with a whip, add salt and pepper. Cook in bain marie, and add little by little warm clarified butter until the sauce reaches the desired consistence. About 200 grams.
  • Wrapper baked almond and ginger bar, served with caramel tomatoes, sauted miniature leeks, and steamed rice.

Caramel tomatoes: Cut medium tomatoes in half, extract the seeds and salt them. Leave them cut-side-down on a piece of cloth, and let them exude away their water for an hour at least. turn on the oven at 120 Celsius. Place them in a pirex and top them with a mixture of tomato concentrate, olive oil, minced garlic, basil or herbs of your choice, salt and pepper. Sprinkle with sugar and bake them for 4 hours, until they are dry and ugly.

Of course, the best thing of all was the dessert. I finally decided to practice the art of the biscuit coulant au chocolat. It was arduous but it was worth it a million times. I don’t have a photo of that but I’ll surely get a chance to take one soon. I’ll wait ’till then to
post the complete recipe.

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