100 things I love

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my husband my Powerbook people who love me my grandfather my therapist strangers that smile on the public transport a great idea being able to carry out my great ideas talking on chat to old friends a clean bathroom the first real day of spring a good sexy bra dessert a cozy bed fennelseed tea […]

Life is what happens while I’m blogging other things.

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I found this pic, dated march 28 2005. That is, one year ago. Since then, lots of things have happened, but finally, today things seem to have fallen into place.

Notte Bianca, Milano, 25-26 Marzo 2006

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Matteo, Patricia, Dandy back there and Michele. Hitting the streets after midnight. At some point we came across Enrico and Elena in Brera. It was funny, since the odds of finding somebody in the crowd are kind of remote. Me & Patricia on the very crowded streetcar. It felt so much like those old times, […]

E’ urgente.

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E’ urgente l’amore. E’ urgente una barca sul mare. E’ urgente distruggere certe parole, odio, solitudine e crudelta’, alcuni lamenti, molte spade. E’ urgente inventare allegria, moltiplicare i baci, i campi, e’ urgente scoprire rose e fiumi e mattini chiari. Cade il silenzio sulle spalle e la luce impura, fino a far male. E’ urgente […]

Xocopili and Profiterols.

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Preheat oven at 200 celsius. Prepare the choux: Put 2.5 dl of water, 60 grams of butter, 2 tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt in bain marie until the butter melts and then add 125 grams of flour and mix vigorously until the dough comes off the walls of the bowl. Remove from the […]

No internet access.

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Paradise. We don’t own a tv set, so we speak more, play more, and we have chance to build our own opinions thank the fact that we don’t receive the stream of propaganda that stays in the back of your head when you watch the wrong news broadcast. But what happens when this radical couple […]

Good Cooking

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It had been some time since I last cooked a complete 3 course meal, with a scientific approach, experimenting new techniques and flavours, and daring to create my own recipes. I had Alberto and Rica over from Rome, and I wanted to treat them with something special. The menu was composed of a starter and […]