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We spent our first four nights in Lisbon, in the Alafama borough, the poorest but most suggestive of the city. The air smelled like piss and grilled sardines, and Fado could be heard from the different bars or houses, its mournfulness clashing with the laughing facades and the beautiful weather. We sat on the bank […]


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Sol was, in Norse mythology, the goddess of the sun, a daughter of Mundilfari and Glaur and the wife of Glen. The corresponding Old English name is Sigel. Every day, Sol rode through the sky on her chariot, pulled by two horses named Arvak and Alsvid. She was chased during the day by Skoll, a […]


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Baby news trigger diligency. Michele finaly decided to study some WordPress and after sandboxing on his own page (and acknowledging that I wouldn’t have been capable on my own) he made a great deal of problem solving ( wouldn’t yield photos to an alien domain…) and now here we are, in our new home, off […]

Tiny heart.

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Yesterday we could hear her heart beating fast. Baby is really tiny, and already has a heart that beats twice as fast as mine and makes hell of a noise!! I have been feeling exhausted but really happy and overall great. Do have some inconveniencies like uncontrolled burping everytime I touch food. happy and amazed.