I would love to be vain… it’s just too expensive.

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So today I was feeling less sleepy than the previous days, so instead of diving into my bed this afternoon after work, I spent my time drooling at things I would love to have and use. I bumped into a FABULOUS web site that sells customized purses, and I made my own, only to find […]

Metros around the World

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I’ve moved with these metros around the world. The best? Moscow and Lisbon. Got at b3co.com!

for one thing or two, it isn’t that bad.

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I’ve never been particularly fond of being female. Boys have more fun, are less scared of insects and are allowed to go out and explore things on their own. Girls grow breasts and get periods. There’s too much to do to be beautiful, too much to think about. Too much acting required, too much getting […]

California 2006

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The sixth wedding of the year took us to California for the past two weeks. We were back to Milan on tuesday at 6.30 am, and that same day I was back to work in the afternoon. Crazy me. Our trip was really different than we expected (expectations are often deceiving), often putting us down […]