Besonderheiten, Bemerkungen: BELLO!

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Yesterday Damiano had his 3 month check-up.

He is having a normal development, he is growing steady, and he is beautiful.

(the pediatrician said so – not me – and it must be true because she even wrote it down!)


And my baby sure agrees with her: here he is smiling at the mirror.

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the old times

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browsing basetta’s site I came about pictures that teo used to take relentlessly when we went out together… and a sense of sweet melancholy struck me.

Our lives just took a wide turn and now we look back and smile at pictures like these.

We got married! We had a baby! None of this crossed our minds back then… but it sure made sense.

What really scares me, in a good way, is that today will be a sweet memory tomorrow and so on forever.

It was October 2004.





I don’t like abortion.

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I like to keep away from moralism and bigotry, and I’ve always found it hard to defend my point of view on certain issues that are fertile ground for manichaean standpoints. I’ve always been against abortion, and not because of a supposed sanctity of fetal life. I’ve seen the effect of abortion on the non-mothers from closer than I would have liked to, and more than once. And I feel sorry for them, not for their unborn children.

Today I found this interesting article about it.

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Who’s your daddy?

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Damiano & Juliette: embryo pals

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Patricia and Pietro paid visit to Vipiteno this weekend, so finally Damiano could meet Juliette. They had already made acquaintance but at that time two bellies divided them. Juliette was born pre term too, 6 days after my baby, but now she weighs 2 kilos more than him… that’s why he’s so scared!!! Honey you have to catch up!!

We had a really nice weekend, taking long walks under the mountain sun, chatting our tongues away… like the old times!

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Grandpa 1927 – 2005

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Can’t imagine how I miss you! You would be proud of us.

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