Nightmare weekend

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I’m still recovering from our nightmare weekend in Milan, where the A/C of the car burnt away and mostly nothing went as we planned. But in the end it was great to see everyone and introduce Damiano to our dearest friends. He is an angel and behaved so patiently, enduring the heat and the unusualness, […]

eBay sins.

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Ok, so I bought this horror on ebay. The only excuse I have is that it was pouring down that day, and the pink bench with silver wood didn’t seem that expensive. Only when it arrived, I realized that if it could be saved from its ugliness it would have been a hard task.It is […]

Sacher naked and dressed.(and amaretti pie)

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Today Damiano slept soundly through the afternoon, letting me bake like crazy. I baked two Sachers and an amaretto pie for the children from Belarus and Ukraine that come here to spend the summer and wash away the radiations from Chernobyl. I love the Sacher torte, the real one I mean. But what is so […]

My 11 kitchen essentials

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I’m in a list-making mood today, so here goes my list of the kitchen supplies I would take along in a desert island. (ok, not really.) Wasabi grater (from Muji): My everyday cooking is  lebanese, italian and mexican. Three that can’t live without garlic. With this wasabi grater, I can puree garlic faster and I […]


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where were you educated? ❦ITESM ❦Universita’ Bocconi di Milano who/what did you want to be when you were a child? ❦a pastry chef. Making mud pies was my favorite game what inspires your work? ❦children ❦beauty happiness is… ❦travelling ❦my son’s smile ❦dinner with friends browsing often… ❦wikipedia wishing for… ❦time!! ❦my new house to […]

Side effects

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..of the steam sterilizer. Don’t put toys or formula spoons in it, unless you want to end up with a collection of modern art. (the tooth-soothing cherries are goners, but the spoon is actually very cool. My husband gave me an accusatory look when I asked if the capacity of the spoon had remained the […]

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One year

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Exactly one year ago, I had one of those days that will remain forever among the happiest days of my life. I woke up, it was a sunny Saturday morning. The market was busying the street already. I had done a pregnancy test days before, and it was negative. But still I sensed something. I […]

The good-housekeeping fairy hit me.

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It’s 9 am and I’ve already prepared lunch, had breakfast, put baby to nap and made a load of laundry. What’s next uh? ironing? yeah right.

I bought a press.

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Since Noah isn’t coming to save us from this damn rain, I decided to write him a letter. A nice letter printed by me on cotton paper and my brand new little press from Offenbach.