one summer BBQ

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Damiano had a chance to meet other kids and well… doesn’t he look thrilled?


Those pork chops were amazing. The recipe was closed source (despite the fact the BBQ was offered by free software supporters), but I’m reverse engineering it. My Brazilian friend Joao is going to figure out what made them so delicious. (I’ll keep you posted)


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Inspiration: The Kitchen

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Glossy white and oak cabinets, stainless steel countertop, white tile splashback,white granite bar, wood and steel stools, round table, Orbit chairs, orange FL/Y lamp, invisible shelves for cookbooks, chalkboard, beige porcelain gres floor.



facing it

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Factors that may contribute to postpartum depression include:

  • Feeling tired after delivery, broken sleep patterns, and not enough rest often keeps a new mother from regaining her full strength for weeks.

….and spending 87 days in the neonatal intensive care unit doesn’t help either….

  • Feeling overwhelmed with a new, or another, baby to take care of and doubting your ability to be a good mother.

…us who had bad parents know the impact a bad parent has on the child, so it’s normal to worry I guess…

  • Feeling stress from changes in work and home routines. Sometimes, women think they have to be “super mom” or perfect, which is not realistic and can add stress. my defense, I’ve always struggled to be perfect (with terribly poor results)…

  • Having feelings of loss — loss of identity of who you are, or were, before having the baby, loss of control, loss of your pre-pregnancy figure, and feeling less attractive.

... with an extra 14 kg on, who wouldn’t?

  • Having less free time and less control over time. Having to stay home indoors for longer periods of time and having less time to spend with the your partner and loved ones.


Symptoms (among others)

  • Extremely irritable

…fire comes out of my ears at times…

  • Sad

…not that much though…. how could I be sad? (have you seen my baby?)

  • Having no energy or motivation

…there were times when I wouldn’t go to sleep if the house was untidy… now it seems that the americans invaded my house to bring freedom or something…

  • Eating too much

…I’m always hungry!!!…

  • Trouble focusing, remembering, or making decisions

…tell my poor husband.. he can barely rely on me! I think I just went blond!

  • Feeling worthless and guilty

…plenty of reasons for that...

  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities

…not if activities involve reading blogs and daydreaming our new house…

Well well well, I think I caught myself a little mild PPD!! It’s not as bad as I had imagined in the past, since I’m a depressive borderline bitch… It’s not as bad as normal depression, which I have already overcome. The joy of being a mother gets the better of everything else. It’s just when the baby sleeps that I find myself thinking: “you never did anything with your life, how are you supposed to start now, with a son to raise? ”

Next week I have to go to the hospital to get a calorie supplement for Damiano because he’s not gaining enough weight, and since I’ll be there already, I’ll ask the therapist at the NICU for advice on how to treat my illness, which I’m sure is not as bad as pneumonia or such…

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note to self

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never underestimate the impulse of a moment

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Inspiration: The Hallway

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It’s summer. (and yes, I’m sick…)

I have plenty of time in my hands, while Damiano sleeps… spent almost entirely daydreaming about our house. And of course traveling through the internets in search of inspiration.

Here’s my inspiration board for the hallway.

Yellow – yolk – orange – zabaione.

Mirroirs sorcieres, a chinese table for the telephone, floor-set lighting, white doors and frames.

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Can’t stop playing this song.

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Is it possible to have a fever in August?

I don’t know how I caught a damn flu, and even if my head is about to burst, my throat is in flames and I’m sad because I can’t kiss my baby… I can’t stop playing this cover of a song I’ve actually never heard. I love it.

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If you don’t eat your meat you can’t have any pudding.

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We began a few days ago with solids. The very first thing Damiano ate was avocado, and after a couple weeks pause I started with vegetables and chicken. Don’t be deceived by his smiles: he still doesn’t like the idea of eating from the spoon. He’d rather eat THE SPOON.

As soon as he starts mastering the eating thing, I’ll be introducing something else. Thinking banana and baby cereal.

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Owls: a snapshot of my scrapbook.

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I love owls. My grandfather used to say that owls are a symbol of intelligence.

I guess I find that appealing.

Maybe I just love me some Samborn’s enchiladas. 0_o


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Two months apart

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june 6th- august 6th

*just added some new videos on youtube*



the beauty & the beast

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Dammit. Found this photo of a pink velvet and silver chair while perusing one of my favoritest blogs for interiors, Desire to Inspire and it left me wondering…

Why does my eBay bench look so bad and this other one looks so great?

Is is the shape? is it the hue of pink? the shine of silver? all of the above?

Now I don’t know what to do with my little bench. I’ve been asking around and now I’m more confused than before. I will place it in our bedroom.. but maybe in the children’s room, if I find a children’s fabric that I fall in love with, or maybe in the living room?

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