Getting ready!!!!

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My brother is getting married, in Mexico, next week. And we… we are totally there! And by totally, I mean the three of us! We are flying from Munich, with our little Damiano, on a 18 24 hour trip (counting that we have to get to Munich and be there 2 hours early). I’m dead worried for the jet lag, the pressure, the length of the trip and everything else I can possibly worry for.

Three days before the departure, Michele caught a cold with fever and all, and I got a very sore back (for sleeping on a bloody soft mattress for 6 months in a row after 26 years of solid rock beds). In the meantime Damiano goes on with his anorexic ways, adding to the generalized stress and anxiety.

Finally the paediatrician gave us a prescription to get a high calorie additive for the milk, so we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, we are leaving tomorrow so wish us luck!

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Apple pie attempt n.1

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We got hold of a million apples or ok maybe a bit less, but still I needed to get rid of them quickly, since we were expecting our biokistl, and I abolutely didn’t want them to go bad.

So here’s what I did:

Pork chops with braised onions and apples. Very very nice. But that is a regular item on our menu so, nothing special.

Apricot jam and apple pie: not a real apple pie, just a shaved apple on top of the jam on top of the sugar pastry: our breakfast when we’re on a rush.

Applesauce for Damiano, but he’s just not that into it.

All American apple pie.


Here’s how that went:

A batch of pate brisee, 1 cup of cold butter 2 cups of flour 1/4 cup cold water.
Mix in food processor, roll into two circles one larger for the base and one just the size of the pie ding.

10 apples cut into uneven pieces, small but not tiny.
2 tsp corn starch
juice of half a lemon
generous amount of cinnamon
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup sugar (and here’s where things went wrong: the next time I’d put at least 3/4 cup)

Mix the above and fill the crust like a mountain. Cover with the circle of brisee’, but cut four little holes so the filling doesn’t steam the brisee’.

It was rather delicious but I missed the sugar high was longing for… it tasted way too healthy if you know what I mean!

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Early conditioning

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did I really need to put this stuff in the oven?


I’m sorry I did!

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4 things I would like to master

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  1. knitting: I used to be good, forgot everything!!!
  2. using a sewing machine: I guess I would need to buy one first
  3. snowboarding: never gave up skiing, but now with another man in the house I need to.
  4. saving money: but to save money one is supposed to somehow earn money
  5. counting

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4 cose che mi piacciono oggi

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  1. le parole crociate senza schema
  2. l’acqua gassata
  3. gisis kreis, invocazione del buon dio, in dialetto sudtirolese
  4. coppia colore ciano e rosso

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pinkie in cheek

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Cockerel in salt crust.

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Serves 2:


Grab a cockerel, fill him with 80 grams cream cheese, garlic, thyme, pepper.

Mix 1 kg of coarse salt (gray salt is best but if it isn’t available normal sea salt will do) with crushed rosemary, thyme and parsley, and 2 egg whites.

Layer a porcelain oval dish with salt, put the cockerel on top and cover with the remaining salt. The bird must be covered completel with salt.

Bake at 220 centigrades for 45 minutes.

Cut the crust with a bread knife helping yourself with a small hammer. Remove the crust completely and serve with roasted potatoes or a gratin dauphinois, and a good chianti.


If you prefer, substitute one cockerel with two quails. Quails will cook faster so reduce time in oven to 35 minutes.

If you don’t have time, just eat a sandwich!!

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My new watch!!!!!!!!

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Ok, lame excuse to post a nice photo.

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Milan escape, Juliette & Damiano (part 1)

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Maybe you’ve noticed, I like to see progress on photograph!!

Being with my baby every single day makes it difficult to notice how he’s growing. He always looks the same to me.. but look how he’s changed!!!

dami_juli.jpg September 6th, 2007

dami-juli-june.jpg June 1st, 2007

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