Getting ready!!!!

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My brother is getting married, in Mexico, next week. And we… we are totally there! And by totally, I mean the three of us! We are flying from Munich, with our little Damiano, on a 18 24 hour trip (counting that we have to get to Munich and be there 2 hours early). I’m dead […]

Apple pie attempt n.1

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We got hold of a million apples or ok maybe a bit less, but still I needed to get rid of them quickly, since we were expecting our biokistl, and I abolutely didn’t want them to go bad. So here’s what I did: Pork chops with braised onions and apples. Very very nice. But that […]


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did I really need to put this stuff in the oven? I’m sorry I did!

4 things I would like to master

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knitting: I used to be good, forgot everything!!! using a sewing machine: I guess I would need to buy one first snowboarding: never gave up skiing, but now with another man in the house I need to. saving money: but to save money one is supposed to somehow earn money counting

4 cose che mi piacciono oggi

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le parole crociate senza schema l’acqua gassata gisis kreis, invocazione del buon dio, in dialetto sudtirolese coppia colore ciano e rosso

Cockerel in salt crust.

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Serves 2: Grab a cockerel, fill him with 80 grams cream cheese, garlic, thyme, pepper. Mix 1 kg of coarse salt (gray salt is best but if it isn’t available normal sea salt will do) with crushed rosemary, thyme and parsley, and 2 egg whites. Layer a porcelain oval dish with salt, put the cockerel […]

My new watch!!!!!!!!

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Ok, lame excuse to post a nice photo.

Milan escape, Juliette & Damiano (part 1)

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Maybe you’ve noticed, I like to see progress on photograph!! Being with my baby every single day makes it difficult to notice how he’s growing. He always looks the same to me.. but look how he’s changed!!! September 6th, 2007 June 1st, 2007