Fan Club

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E’ una realta’.

Chairs on the brain

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Inspired by my friend April‘s works, I gathered some paint chips and vandalized my 1000 Chairs book (Taschen) and some magazines. The result is rather enjoyable, don’t you think? I’m loving yellow these days, it must be the meds.

facing it, part II

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It took me a while to get up and go to see the doctor. Rationally I knew there was nothing to be ashamed of, still it took me quite a while. The hardest part was to acknowledge that my symptoms were real and not just my fault: to be irritable, lazy, totally unfocused, emotional, pessimistic.  […]


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My first birthday as a mother! how nice. My sweet pea gave me the best present: he started finally eating properly!!! Thank youuuu!! My hubby bought my whole Amazon Wishlist, and I’m so exited I have many great books to read, do and cook. My brother-in -law gave me the Eames Rocking Chair I have […]

Valle de Bravo.

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Church of Saint Francis seen from behind. Beautiful patio of a restaurant downtown. Bride’s veil cascade. (Velo de Novia) The lake. Vignette from the market. Pigs. The central square (zocalo).

Miniature Sachers.

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Tomorrow is my father-in-law’s and my own birthday so what a better occasion to bake some miniature Sacher tortes. I’m in love with them. I baked the cake on a large pan, then I cut out the circles with a cookie cutter. I stacked 3 layers together with the apricot jam. They scream eat me. […]

My brother’s wedding!

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I love mexican weddings!!!! We do know how to party till very very late!  Jimena and Jose’s wedding was all sorts of beautiful and fun. Just look at these two!!


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