Fan Club

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E’ una realta’.

Chairs on the brain

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Inspired by my friend April‘s works, I gathered some paint chips and vandalized my 1000 Chairs book (Taschen) and some […]

facing it, part II

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It took me a while to get up and go to see the doctor. Rationally I knew there was nothing […]


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My first birthday as a mother! how nice. My sweet pea gave me the best present: he started finally eating […]

Valle de Bravo.

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Church of Saint Francis seen from behind. Beautiful patio of a restaurant downtown. Bride’s veil cascade. (Velo de Novia) The […]

Miniature Sachers.

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Tomorrow is my father-in-law’s and my own birthday so what a better occasion to bake some miniature Sacher tortes. I’m […]