New Year’s Resolutions

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I think it’s the first time I’ve ever written something like this. I’m going to seek for help to get over my depression for good. I’m going to work hard to be a good wife and mother. I’m going to start my business. I’m going to decorate my house and it’ll be the house of […]


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paroxetine is just not working. Yesterday I was feeling terrible, not one single happy, positive thought throughout the day. I was very very irritable, didn’t want to see anybody and was unnecessarily rude and cold. I’m still prey of my period and PMS. argh I hate new year’s.

A little overwhelmed

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I swear I was willing to wait until we recovered financially from the purchase of our House. God knows I’m telling the truth. But this doesn’t keep me from feeling like a spoiled brat: my in-laws gave me a beautiful Mac Book for Christmas, just 3 hours after I was feeling so depressed because it […]

Christmas’ Eve

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Though the last 3 years have been fine, I still have reminiscence of Christmas being awful. Please remind me now everything is different.

Pig on wheels

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Today I finally managed to finish the piggy that Simonetta will be receiving a tad late this Christmas, but it’s such a cutee that I’m sure she’ll forgive me! The pattern is from Wee Wonderfuls.

coming up

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I’m here, on my father-in-law’s pc, drooling over a Mac Book Pro, knowing that it will be months before I get a new laptop, and trying not to whine too much. Without my old laptop to waste time on, I’ve been rather productive, sewing presents and making Christmas cards. I even had the time to […]


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My laptop died this morning, after 33 months of loyal service. All my shtuff was there, so now I don’t have a single photo, email, mp3, or Gossip Girl episode to watch. It fucking sucks.

Christmas Wishlist

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Dear Santa,you know I’ve been good. Here is my list. I know you’re feeling generous. More hope and an end to injustice for all the forgotten children of the world. A boost to Damiano’s appetite. A workshop to put my press, my letterpress, my trestle, my sewing machine and work undisturbed. A shopping trip to […]


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My grandaddy loved cats, and especially black cats. He taught me the love for cats, and every time I see a black one I’m sure it’s him thinking about me wherever he is. God I miss that man! Tonight I had a wonderful evening, enjoying my cornelia and the peace and quiet of a baby […]

4 things I’m loveing lately

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Damiano’s voice Our new house and the fact that we’ll move in soon Trumpets in Beethoven’s 5th symphony Dooce