and then every geisha will envy me.

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We’ll be hitting the big city this weekend, because we’re bored and want a good fix of chaos, basically.

Here’s my single item to do (or to buy?) list:

Get a pair of shoes!!

If I had the change to change one single thing about myself, I wouldn’t ask for a smaller butt, nor a perfect set of breasts, nor the longest legs alive, but simply, a smaller set of feet. Being a woman and a size 43 (12 US) is a fucking curse. I don’t remember when did my feet grow this much, but I’ve kind of never been able to buy nice girly sexy shoes ever. All I’ve ever gotten are men’s shoes, tennis shoes and every now and then, very very very expensive custom made shoes, like for my wedding. There used to be this fabulous shop in Milan that carried big shoes, and they copied classics from Gucci. I used to have two pairs of high heeled sandals which I loved, but I lost them. Yeah, I know. How can you lose two pairs of shoes? I don’t know. And that shop closed down, and I missed their clearance sale. uh. I’m still hoping I’ll find them when we get to empty the cellar of my former apartment on Sunday.

Anyway, since we’ll be there, I’ll drop by three places where I can get my Cinderella’s feet clad.

Kickers factory store: Via Mecenate, 76 – Milano - tel. 02-5063233

I’m hoping to find a pair like the ones I bought back in 2001 in Madrid: I loved them so much, but they just kicked the bucket last week (pun intended). They used to be the perfect pair of shoes for Vipiteno’s wet autumns and springs, as well as for walking big lenghts in Mexico City or Berlin or Milan. (how snob am I from 0 to 10?)


If these two could talk….

Then I’m going to try Camper, but That’s a torture for me because I just love their women’s shoes so much, that having to look at the men’s only makes me feel really angry.

And finally I’ll hit a store that has saved me in more than one occasion, where they sell shoes for ridiculously small feet and absurdly large ones:
Ghigo Calzature, in V.le Tunisia. They have nice shoes, but the nicest ones go fast, and I’ve never been really lucky. They are expensive though, and you throw them away after a few months.

When I grow rich, I’ll get a feet transplant. Ah! YES I WILL!

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I’m improvising a cotton vest for Damiano. Don’t know how long will this take me: it was about 3 years since I last picked up a pair of needles! I started to cast on about 5 times, till I got it right! I’ll post my progress and if I ever manage to complete this Damiano will model it.

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Le vacuità dello shopping

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…and the emptiness of my bank account.

But being on a diet doesn’t mean one can’t peruse the menu. [Mexican wisdom]

These are some of the things I’ve been drooling over lately, in view of the impending windup of our house renovation.

purl soho fabrics: embarras de richesses! I’m guessing that as soon as we move in, I’ll spend quite some time on my sewing machine: I’m planning to make cushions for Damiano’s room floor, cushions for our sofa, and our guest daybeds. Also, I’m planning to make a dark slipcover for the sofa, since white sofa and baby don’t make a good combo.


Mepala Rosti “modula” pantry organizers: finally we’ll have a big roomy kitchen, with lots of storage space, and that comes with my dream of being anally organized. These are perfect for drawers, fridge and cupboards.


Isak breakfast trays: aren’t these simply lovely?


Ligne Roset Rêve D’Edo chest: the search for a bedside table ends here!!


Lem bar stools: we settled with a couple of second bests. IKEA’s Sebastien stools, which aren’t bad, and cost 1/6 th of these magnificent beauties.





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The dictatorship of the political blackmail.

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When I was little, about 5 or 6 years old, I envied my grandfather who came home every evening and opened an immense stockpile of mail. I used to think “maybe one day someone will write to me like that”. I didn’t realize that he was getting good ol’ 80′s physical spam: I couldn’t know what did “Business reply mail” meant on all those envelopes.

Now however, I get a real kick out of my mail.

Today I received the January issue of Living etc (yes, I received the February issue last week. These things happen, in Italy).

And ta daaaaa I received Amy Butler’s pattern for gum drop pillows!!!

Something tells me our new house will be soon infested with these beauties.


(and this reminds me of my beloved friend Enrico, whom I taught once how to bake his own bread. He enjoyed baking so much that he baked more bread than he could actually eat, give away and use as Moroccan stools. His house was plagued with loaves and eventually he gave up on becoming a baker)



Damiano eats

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8 am: 150 ml (5 oz) cow’s milk with soluble baby cookies

11 am:  1 pot homogenized veal +
5 tbsp pea soup or vichyssoise or vegetable soup or squash soup + olive oil + grated parmean + black pepper.

3 pm: 120 ml cow’s milk

6 pm: vegetable broth with baby  pasta + cream cheese+ olive oil + peppe, 1/2 pot of yogurt

9 pm:  150 ml cow’s milk & baby cereal

12 am: 120 m cow’s milk

The funny thing is that the introduction of solid foods wasn’t as gradual as I wanted to. One day he refused to eat anything, the next day he devoured a bowl of food.  As a premature baby, he should have started solids at 5 months corrected age, that is last September. However he couldn’t care less what the paediatrician said: he started at 10 months c.a. and one year of life.

Now I look back at every single day I worried because of his tiny appetite and I feel a little ridiculous.

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Roman shades: part 2

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In my defense I can say that I’m an amateur seamstress. And that this curtain I had to make in the short stretches of time Damiano let me concentrate.

The result is.. well.. let’s see it:


So, the first thing to notice is that the fabric crinkled where I sewed (sides and middle), and the weight rod isn’t heavy enough.

The photo is bad, but I’d wait till the shade is actually mounted in order to judge whether is sucks or not. Perfection is, alas, out of the question.

Tomorrow I’ll go on with the other 6. Hopefully the experience of today will make the next ones easier.

If you have suggestions on how to prevent the crinkling of the fabric, or any suggestions in general, please do tell.

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Roman shades: part 1

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Of course, the day didn’t go quite as planned. Our house was locked and nobody was working in it contrary to what I had thought. So we couldn’t mount a damn thing…. (note to self: get a copy of the keys already)

However, the construction of the shades is going currently better than I expected. I decided to start with the shades of the studio, since it is the room with more windows in the whole house. 9 shades in all.


This is what happened so far:

Yesterday I bought 7 meters of Ikea’s eggplant Karna fabric (I must have been drunk when I made the calculations. I ran short of ONE meter…..oh! wait! I wasn’t drunk! I was trying to keep a 7.5 kilogram baby from testing the force of gravity on his own body…), then I went to Obi and I had a wood board cut to size for each window.


I bought some boat cleats, scandalous amounts of velcro®, and other things I needed less.

This morning I bought the thread matching the fantastic color of the fabric and a box of pins.

I was lucky because each shade will be 141 cm tall, and the fabric width is 150 cm, so I had a little less cutting (and overlocking) to do. I cut 7 shades, and ran out of fabric. But that’s o.K. Whoever has decorated a new house knows that the trips to Ikea are routine.


Then I pressed the first shade marking the finished width and pinning it all down. The Karna fabric is not easy to keep aligned, and not having a proper working table made the job a bit of a hassle. I pinned velcro on the top, and ring tape on one side. I sewed everything. Now the real challenge is to sew the other two lines of ring tape so that each row of rings is exactly at the same height. And now I have a headache.

I glued the rough half of velcro to the wood board, and stick rod and shade together. The result is quite nice so far, though I doubt it’ll be perfect


The bottom end: I just marked the fold with pins and pressed. I’ll wait till the end to sew them, so I can make last minute adjustments. I want all the shades to be at least the same size length.


I did take a shower.

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Saturday to-do-list

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8 feed baby

8.20 have breakfast

8.21 take a shower*

9 get a quotation of the bedroom closet

9.30 buy milk, ingredients for Adriana’s birthday cake (my mother-in-law turns 61!)

10 buy matching thread for eggplant fabric (bring a swatch along)

10.20 mount the kitchen stools

10.50 feed baby (did I mention he is now eating regular food once a day? he likes pea purèe with veal, marrow, basil, garlic, pepper, parmesan and olive oil. No bland food for him. A real Mexican)

11.10 mount lamp in studio (this one really belongs in Michele’s to-do-list)

11.3o pick up the tulip stool

11.40 mount toilet paper holder in small bathroom

11.45 mount mirror in small bathroom

12 mount coatrack in hallway
12.30 cook lunch, eat

13.30 cut eggplant fabric into 8 shades, press and if my brain isn’t already splattered on the floor, sew them.

23 go to sleep. Maybe on Sunday I’ll be more lucky with those shades.

* that shower cannot be postponed. We’re out of baby wipes.



The Cute book

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The best part of getting books for Christmas is that Amazon.com sometimes sends them over 3 weeks late, so you could for instance arrive to January 17th and keep on getting gifts.


My hubby got me this jewel of a book and I received it today!! It made my day!


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