and then every geisha will envy me.

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We’ll be hitting the big city this weekend, because we’re bored and want a good fix of chaos, basically. Here’s my single item to do (or to buy?) list: Get a pair of shoes!! If I had the change to change one single thing about myself, I wouldn’t ask for a smaller butt, nor a […]


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I’m improvising a cotton vest for Damiano. Don’t know how long will this take me: it was about 3 years since I last picked up a pair of needles! I started to cast on about 5 times, till I got it right! I’ll post my progress and if I ever manage to complete this Damiano […]

Le vacuità dello shopping

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…and the emptiness of my bank account. But being on a diet doesn’t mean one can’t peruse the menu. [Mexican wisdom] These are some of the things I’ve been drooling over lately, in view of the impending windup of our house renovation. purl soho fabrics: embarras de richesses! I’m guessing that as soon as we […]


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The dictatorship of the political blackmail.


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When I was little, about 5 or 6 years old, I envied my grandfather who came home every evening and opened an immense stockpile of mail. I used to think “maybe one day someone will write to me like that”. I didn’t realize that he was getting good ol’ 80’s physical spam: I couldn’t know […]

Damiano eats

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8 am: 150 ml (5 oz) cow’s milk with soluble baby cookies 11 am:  1 pot homogenized veal + 5 tbsp pea soup or vichyssoise or vegetable soup or squash soup + olive oil + grated parmean + black pepper. 3 pm: 120 ml cow’s milk 6 pm: vegetable broth with baby  pasta + cream […]

Roman shades: part 2

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In my defense I can say that I’m an amateur seamstress. And that this curtain I had to make in the short stretches of time Damiano let me concentrate. The result is.. well.. let’s see it: So, the first thing to notice is that the fabric crinkled where I sewed (sides and middle), and the […]

Roman shades: part 1

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Of course, the day didn’t go quite as planned. Our house was locked and nobody was working in it contrary to what I had thought. So we couldn’t mount a damn thing…. (note to self: get a copy of the keys already) However, the construction of the shades is going currently better than I expected. […]

Saturday to-do-list

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8 feed baby 8.20 have breakfast 8.21 take a shower* 9 get a quotation of the bedroom closet 9.30 buy milk, ingredients for Adriana’s birthday cake (my mother-in-law turns 61!) 10 buy matching thread for eggplant fabric (bring a swatch along) 10.20 mount the kitchen stools 10.50 feed baby (did I mention he is now […]

The Cute book

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The best part of getting books for Christmas is that sometimes sends them over 3 weeks late, so you could for instance arrive to January 17th and keep on getting gifts. My hubby got me this jewel of a book and I received it today!! It made my day!