upsides of the addictive personality.

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The second gumdrop pillow: satisfying like eating a whole sacher torte, without the calories. I’m loving IKEA fabrics.

just leave me alone, thank you very much

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It all began on Wednesday: in addition to my period, we had guests for dinner. One guest, to be honest. Thierry came from France and we had him over. He got a bit tipsy and left when it was already very late. I forgot to ask Damiano to please sleep till 10 the morning after, […]

a little update

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but maybe you have noticed already. CIPRALEX works. It has made the anger and sadness go away, creativity and excitement come back. I still find it hard to go through a rainy day but I suppose that’s next. Thank you thank you thank you Lundbeck. I will never rant against pharmaceutical companies again. (okay, just […]

Gumdrop ottoman.

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Remember this? Here is my take on Amy Butler’s Gumdrop pillow / Ottoman. The Fabrics are from IKEA and the filling is polyester for stuffed animals. (darn expensive stuff) I loved how easy it was to make, took me about 90 minutes in all. This one is a gift for my friend Chrissy.

Guest Bathroom

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Pink squid and yellow duck courtesy of Damiano.

Drooling about on Etsy.

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I’m completely in awe of these recycled Lego brick bracelets from Emiko-o Reware Jewelry. Inspired by hardware, haute couture, and salvaged materials, emiko oye creates one-of-a-kind urban jewelry and sculptures from recycled materials and precious metals. Her works strive to subtly transform the identity of everyday mundane objects to inspire new dialogs about our relationship […]

Bad, bad girl.

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I am known for being ruthless, but I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the second sponge cake I baked on Saturday: it was sitting in the cupboard, all sad and alone. I tried to regain my composure, but there was nothing to do. I had to do it. I went out for a pot of […]

Life is made of details.

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Back in 2004 I spent a weekend in Paris with my dear friend Alessandra. I was young, careless and had a credit card backed by my generous grandfather’s bank account. Those times are long gone now, yet I keep very good memories of them. Anyway, on that occasion, at the flea market of St. Ouen […]