the 20 minute pouch.

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Tomorrow morning I’ll be on the road to my printing workshop, and I am already missing my son awfully. I’ll be back on Sunday evening. 4 days away = eternity. This afternoon while I packed my suitcase I realized the accessory pouch I own is too big to travel alone for only 4 days (even […]

this made me laugh

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This cartoon is printed on the package of the heavy-duty industrial-size roll of kitchen towels I bought yesterday. It made me laugh because that lady in the photo is unbelievably too calm and smiley in front of a baby with a spoon in her hand. It’s just not realistic. Not to talk about how she’s […]

You know it’s time…

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to clean your fridge when you find fossil fuels in the veggie drawer. It’s a pain but in the end it’s worth it: now you could cool spare organs in this fridge. Yes that’s how clean it is. Beer and yogurt dominate. And yes, I keep a bucket of mustard in my fridge. Nothing wrong […]

just a little experiment.

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In the supermarket I found two different egg packages. package A says: LARGE eggs 6 count. Prize 1.19 € package B says: MEDIUM eggs 6 count. Prize 1.09 € I happened to buy one pack of each. Medium eggs are fine for everyday, but the blueberry cheesecake I’m baking called for large eggs. Well guess […]

printing and xylography

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Last year in my DIY attempts to fight depression I bought lots of crap from eBay, among which a beautiful Adana letterpress. I haven’t used it yet because I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin. Luckily, my dear friend Lucio is giving a letterpress printing and xylography workshop with a colleague of his in a […]

microsoft cleverness

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I lost my password to my MSN account, which is also my hotmail account. When I go to hotmail to retrieve said password, they tell me that they’ll send instructions to reset the password to my hotmail address. Pure genius ain’t it?

Sit a little taller

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Tonight I made this pillow for our dining chairs, because when Katie comes over Lisi sits too low and I cry a little bit inside.

off the hook

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today I told my shrink I won’t be seeing her anymore and she got all passive aggressive. We were still talking about my projects and things and she asked questions that demonstrated blatantly that she wasn’t even listening. I’m going to take a course of xylography for four days and I’ll leave Damiano at home. […]

Damiano’s vocabulary

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as of today: ball book box push wait bye bye! cookie mama papa no yeah kiss egg