long overdue house updates. Part II.

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The couch bears the signs of my procrastinating ways. I completed the first of seven covers I plan to make, […]

long overdue house updates. part I.

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The Studio – Guestroom. This is the old bookcase I had in my apartment in Milan. One day maybe I’ll […]

Where is Damiano?

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Click on the photo to see a clip of Damiano being silly and funny and lovely.

some random things

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Yesterday my mother-in-law and I finally cleaned up the basement. I got rid of craploads of stuff and made room […]

Mango juice.

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I’m sorry I’ve not been posting more lately, I just noticed it’s been a while since I put on some […]

tiny heartbeat

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Today Damiano and I saw the new baby, which is still an embryo really. It is 8 mm long and […]