long overdue house updates. Part II.

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The couch bears the signs of my procrastinating ways. I completed the first of seven covers I plan to make, because an off white sofa and children don’t go together well. The brown fabric is a very nice cotton mix that actually feels better on the skin than the original polyester of the couch.

This is the view of the living room from the kitchen.

This is the view from the hallway.



long overdue house updates. part I.

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The Studio – Guestroom.

This is the old bookcase I had in my apartment in Milan. One day maybe I’ll decide I’m glamorous enough to spend a whole afternoon organizing the uncountable books by color. Or maybe not. Right now they’re mostly in random order, except those that made it together after the move. In Milan they were organized by topic and editor.

This is the day bed, which is really a couple of stackable beds, for which I made a cover out of an IKEA bedspread. Very clever of me.

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Where is Damiano?

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Click on the photo to see a clip of Damiano being silly and funny and lovely.



some random things

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Yesterday my mother-in-law and I finally cleaned up the basement. I got rid of craploads of stuff and made room for my printing devices.

I’ve finally started experimenting with my Adana letterpress. I will need to find many solutions to the lack of furniture and spacing, but my goal is to  produce a decent holiday greeting. I’ll try to blog more about that when I make some progress.

My little offenbach press has also found its place in the basement and my plan is to do some embossed paper for my shop.

About the shop, I’m still waiting for a few things to arrive, before I can officially open. Stay tuned.

The morning sickness hasn’t subsided yet, but it’s bearable and I haven’t puked again, thank god. I hate to puke. It’s just so bad for your teeth. I am craving apples sprinkled with mexican chili powder. Egg makes me sick. UPDATE: puking apples with chili is painful.

I’ll be busy in the next week, preparing another Italian course that will begin on October 21st. I think it’s going to be fun. I’ll be teaching commercial Italian to some employees at the dairy plant in Sterzing.

Next Monday Damiano will resume his swimming lessons, and I’m very happy because he really loves them and we have a very special time together. Also, he is so tired afterwards that he sleeps really tight.

My 28th birthday is in a month, and it’s scary being so close to the 30 mark.  I was thinking earlier about the kids I used to babysit back in 2000. It kind of shocked me that Elena, the little one, who was 4 back then, is now 12! She maybe has her period already, and I’m completely shocked. I would like to see these kids again. I don’t think they remember me. I heard the parents got a divorce, and the thing didn’t surprise me much really, but I did feel sorry for the kids (note to self: always be a loving wife and a loving mother).

Winter has probably come to stay around here and it sucks. But at least we get to light our fireplace. So romantic.

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Mango juice.

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I’m sorry I’ve not been posting more lately, I just noticed it’s been a while since I put on some recent photos of Damiano. I will mend for that this week I promise.

I wanted to share -as a proof of my uncorrupted youth – that this morning for the first time in my life I puked on an empty stomach (yes, never even on the worst benders I managed to get this filthy sick). While I was convulsing on top of the bowl and begging the stomach spasms to be over quickly, I was also a bit curious as of what the fuck would come out now, since it had been 15 hours since I downed something. And there it was. The mango juice. According to wikipedia, gastric juices are colourless, but mine, I assure you, were mango-juice-yellow (note to self: mango juice yellow would be a lovely crayola color). Maybe I should take a picture next time? Well if you insist…

Anyway, I’m counting the bloody days till this whole nausea & chronic fatigue days are over, because I would like to enjoy my life a little bit, if it’s not much to ask.



tiny heartbeat

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Today Damiano and I saw the new baby, which is still an embryo really. It is 8 mm long and it has a quick heartbeat already. Everything is going well so far! I’m stoked.

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bad hair day

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Today was one of those days in which I wonder if I should get back to my medication because my borderline condition promptly reminded me that it is here to stay, no matter how good I do.

It’s all about pressure.

Air pressure, too. High pressure like today kills me. And it is silly because high pressure means pretty clear days. But my head doesn’t appreciate and it threatens to explode. And it gives me horrible clingy hair.

Add to this a starting flu, horrible bouts of nausea and then the stupid car broke.


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I just have had better things to do

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than posting silly things on my blog. Like sleeping on the couch every time I can. Or trying to find things that will make the horrible nausea go away. I barely have energy to keep phony commenters away.

No really.

I’ve been feeling like crap so badly, that even when I feel ok I still feel like crap. I wanted to write a nice post gathering some photos of everyone who has come to visit us this summer, but got stuck on the dilemma “to puke or not to puke”. But it’s hard to puke on an empty stomach. However today I found out there’s one thing that makes the nausea go away so I’m happy. It’s a local type of breakfast bread, shaped like a croissant but it’s not a croissant. It’s just yeast bread. Oh, thank god for the gipfel. Anyway, the post with our summer visits will be done. Perhaps after Chiara and Lucio come over this month.

I’m really counting the days till the 14th week of pregnancy is over, supposedly that’s when the sickness subsides and it all gets better. And that, holy crap, is a month from today.

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Just one question.

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Why is it called “morning sickness”, instead of “fucking all day long sickness”?

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Freezer treasures

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Now that I’m in my first weeks of pregnancy, more than ever I appreciate having a well stocked freezer. Morning sickness hasn’t been too severe but it’s been there, and I’m also constantly exhausted. Here’s my list of must-haves for days like today, when I can’t bother cooking, that freeze well and are loved by my ever hungry husband:

  • Chunky beef chili
  • Minestrone
  • Lebanese stuffed squash
  • Baked pasta casserole
  • Spinach Knoedel, stolen from my MIL’s freezer really.
  • Pesto, to throw in the minestrone or just some fresh pasta.
  • Vichyssoise or other creamy soups.
  • a couple of home made hamburgers, patties and buns frozen separately. These totally rock especially when Michele asks for something quick and delicious and a bit sinful.

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