The emptiness of shopping

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It’s been a while since I last wrote a post of the things I’m loving, and right now, when I should be preparing a lesson for tomorrow, hanging the laundry, or writing a couple of invoices I have to fax tomorrow, right now seems like a good moment to do so. I am completely smitten […]

Faccione @ Sterzing

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hi there, I’m here blogging at 4 AM because yesterday I was having the worst headache of my life, threw up again (in my mother-in-law’s car) and a terrible neck pain (aka was feeling like crap) and went to bed right after Damiano, at 7 PM, so I just woke up! I will go back […]

dog = joy

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I’ve been awful, but I’m here to amend.

apparently we’ll have another jr.

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12 1/2 weeks of pregnancy, 6 cm long. We were lucky enough he was asleep, with his legs open, showing his genitals. The doc said 99% it’s a boy!!!! Sucking his thumb. That’s the lower half of his little body, with his scrotum in full view.

ohhh Paris…

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Convenient change of plans this morning, since Damiano is coughing like crazy and is full of snot, no swimming. Early nap instead. While I can relax, bake a tarte aux pommes and read a good fix of newspapers. Found this lovely article on Paris while perusing the NY Times and I swear it took my […]

where have I been and where will I be

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an awful lot going on this past week: working on three different fronts (teaching, translating, preparing a course…) fighting nausea and vomiting (It’s gotten much better since Thursday I must say. Now the problem is the constant heartburn), a fucking kidney stone that sent me to A&E, the most difficult doll to make, for Lisi’s […]

small pleasures

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Having a whole hour in the morning to shower and relax while the boys are out and about. Not having to cook for two days in a row. The sunny autumn in the Alps Finding out that the friend you thought you lost is really a complete imbecile and you lost nothing. Finding out that […]

Boy or girl, thanks for the gatorade.

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Just as everyone is unique, every pregnancy is unique, too. I had heard this but until I got pregnant 8 weeks ago, I didn’t fully believe it. This time it’s a complete new experience. Sure, some things are exactly the same, like this MFing acne. But also, for the first time the craving phenomenon has […]

this kid likes junk food

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This morning began with a slice of bread, wich was eaten and ejected in the lapse of 8 minutes. Time to eat it, open the fridge, smell the cheese and look at a leftover soup. I decided to skip breakfast altogether, gave Damiano his own breakfast, at least I was already relieved and could give […]

I’m here to help.

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My birthday is in 3 weeks, but don’t panic. Here’s a list of some of the things you could get me and we all be happy. a mini table tripod a bonsai tree a stool for my sewing table a gocco printer a bread bin tools for the fireplace (though this one would really be […]