The Christmas Spirit

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When you are told by your own grandmother, at age 6, that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, it becomes quite difficult to get excited about Christmas, even as an adult. I’ve always dreaded the holiday season because it’s when everyone is supposed to be happy and families get together and I‘m really badass so please leave […]

What I could’ve been but I’m not

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opera singer couch tester architect book critic baker bonsai master harpist art historian autopsy performer actuary nobel prize winning economist firefighter journalist pilot chauffeur librarian wine tester urban planner seamstress glass blower carpenter kick ass designer lion tamer quiz writer con artist upholsterer mother of 10 (I’ll stop at 2)

What I am not and clearly wasn’t meant to be

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movie director mathematician physicist diplomat singer butcher accountant veterinarian stock broker chicken sexer police officer farmer plumber gardener actress coach video game tester dog sniffer fortune cookie writer DJ rally co driver waitress nurse cleaning lady stripper president


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The other day I spent the morning filming Damiano while he played, and soon I discovered a certain pattern: play a little bit, look for something that emits sounds, esp. music, shake the booty, then play some more. I made this little collage with some of his moves. Click on the photo to watch. I […]


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I know I shouldn’t be buying anything because I’m just temporarily non-broke (in less than a month, 23 days to be exact, we’ll be on our way to Acapulco, and we’ll need a couple of bucks I suppose) but I couldn’t resist these two children’s fabrics from Volksfaden. I go there all the time to […]

wonder what my horoscope is saying

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Scorpio: Old friends will come back in the scene, lovely surprises and timeless ties. Time to give back. Also, poor pathetic losers will show that they just can’t get over you. Don’t blame them: you’re just too awesome.

Hi AT!

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wow, today those nice guys at Apartment Therapy wrote a post about my little bench, and I suspect many fellow readers will be dropping by today, so HELLO EVERYONE! If you want to see some other posts regarding the aforementioned bench click here: How it all started Beauty & Beast Before & After

I guess they liked my course!

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On Tuesday I taught the last lesson at the dairy plant, and my students were so nice they prepared a lovely gift basket full of the amazing goodies they make over there: yogurt of every flavor and kind (regular, fat free, rich [with added cream!], organic, etc, and 2 pounds of butter, cream, and buttermilk. […]

Baby n.2 15 weeks

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Profile Froggy legs with penis in between.

random things

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Today is like a Friday to me because since I finished the course at the dairy plant, so tomorrow I will be free. And I have a to-do list so fucking long that I know I’ll end up sleeping all afternoon and procrastinating just a bit more. living room curtain sofa slipcovers Damiano’s 2nd curtain […]