The Christmas Spirit

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When you are told by your own grandmother, at age 6, that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, it becomes quite difficult […]

What I could’ve been but I’m not

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opera singer couch tester architect book critic baker bonsai master harpist art historian autopsy performer actuary nobel prize winning economist […]

What I am not and clearly wasn’t meant to be

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movie director mathematician physicist diplomat singer butcher accountant veterinarian stock broker chicken sexer police officer farmer plumber gardener actress coach […]


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The other day I spent the morning filming Damiano while he played, and soon I discovered a certain pattern: play […]


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I know I shouldn’t be buying anything because I’m just temporarily non-broke (in less than a month, 23 days to […]

wonder what my horoscope is saying

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Scorpio: Old friends will come back in the scene, lovely surprises and timeless ties. Time to give back. Also, poor […]