The Christmas Spirit

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When you are told by your own grandmother, at age 6, that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, it becomes quite difficult to get excited about Christmas, even as an adult. I’ve always dreaded the holiday season because it’s when everyone is supposed to be happy and families get together and I‘m really badass so please leave me alone, I’m going to kill some kittens. And of course, I would never think of a Christmas tree. That was before meeting my lovely husband.

Things change, they fucking do.

Now I’m a mother of one and almost of two. I have a house, with a perfect spot for a Christmas tree, and I live in a place that one could say revolves around the holidays.

And I cannot wait to set up our tree this year, it will be my first tree and this is what I’m after:

I just bought a white tree on ebay!



What I could’ve been but I’m not

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  • opera singer
  • couch tester
  • architect
  • book critic
  • baker
  • bonsai master
  • harpist
  • art historian
  • autopsy performer
  • actuary
  • nobel prize winning economist
  • firefighter
  • journalist
  • pilot
  • chauffeur
  • librarian
  • wine tester
  • urban planner
  • seamstress
  • glass blower
  • carpenter
  • kick ass designer
  • lion tamer
  • quiz writer
  • con artist
  • upholsterer
  • mother of 10 (I’ll stop at 2)

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What I am not and clearly wasn’t meant to be

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  • movie director
  • mathematician
  • physicist
  • diplomat
  • singer
  • butcher
  • accountant
  • veterinarian
  • stock broker
  • chicken sexer
  • police officer
  • farmer
  • plumber
  • gardener
  • actress
  • coach
  • video game tester
  • dog sniffer
  • fortune cookie writer
  • DJ
  • rally co driver
  • waitress
  • nurse
  • cleaning lady
  • stripper
  • president




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The other day I spent the morning filming Damiano while he played, and soon I discovered a certain pattern: play a little bit, look for something that emits sounds, esp. music, shake the booty, then play some more. I made this little collage with some of his moves. Click on the photo to watch.

I remember less than two years ago, when we didn’t know whether he would have lived, and then whether he would have walked, or talked… and I just need to remind myself how lucky and blessed we are.




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I know I shouldn’t be buying anything because I’m just temporarily non-broke (in less than a month, 23 days to be exact, we’ll be on our way to Acapulco, and we’ll need a couple of bucks I suppose) but I couldn’t resist these two children’s fabrics from Volksfaden. I go there all the time to drool over the coolest fabrics available in Europe, but I had never given in. This time I said fuck it and went for two yards, the elephants are just too darn cute and the flying things is just so Damiano. Since I was already splurging I went for the quilt pattern, too. It’s impressively complex for a beginner like myself but a girl loves a good challenge.



wonder what my horoscope is saying

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Old friends will come back in the scene, lovely surprises and timeless ties. Time to give back.

Also, poor pathetic losers will show that they just can’t get over you. Don’t blame them: you’re just too awesome.

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Hi AT!

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wow, today those nice guys at Apartment Therapy wrote a post about my little bench, and I suspect many fellow readers will be dropping by today, so HELLO EVERYONE!

If you want to see some other posts regarding the aforementioned bench click here:

How it all started

Beauty & Beast

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I guess they liked my course!

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On Tuesday I taught the last lesson at the dairy plant, and my students were so nice they prepared a lovely gift basket full of the amazing goodies they make over there: yogurt of every flavor and kind (regular, fat free, rich [with added cream!], organic, etc, and 2 pounds of butter, cream, and buttermilk. Better than flowers, I should say.

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Baby n.2 15 weeks

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Froggy legs with penis in between.

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random things

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Today is like a Friday to me because since I finished the course at the dairy plant, so tomorrow I will be free. And I have a to-do list so fucking long that I know I’ll end up sleeping all afternoon and procrastinating just a bit more.

  • living room curtain
  • sofa slipcovers
  • Damiano’s 2nd curtain
  • laundry like there’s no tomorrow
  • take bonsai trees to nursery for a much needed repot which I’m never going to pull off without help and I don’t want to kill those poor ikea-deformed creatures.
  • make Christmas ornaments

Anyway, today I had another ultrasound. It was scheduled for next week, but I’m getting all neurotic about this pregnancy, I start dreading that something bad will happen, that maybe like Damiano my baby n.2 also will not grow and so I called my gyn. and got an appointment for today.

He reassured me, confirmed that baby n.2 is a boy, measured him, and he’s as big as he’s supposed to be. Maybe later I’ll scan some of the ultrasound prints. There’s a nice one where you can see his little frog legs. And one with a lovely sweet profile. In 7 weeks we will do the organ scan, and I’m really looking forward to it, because it’s when you can see your little frog baby and all his alien face, like, perfectly. It also costs a bloody fortune. But they can see if there are malformations or stuff like that.

I hope I can keep my cool until then. However my dear doctor told me that if I freak out, I just have to call and make an appointment. “it’s good for you and it’s good for my business” “ahah yeah, it’s a win-win”. You gotta love this guy.

On other news, I will be hosting a Sunday lunch for some friends, and it will be the first time I’ll seriously cook something since I got pregnant. I’m planning something thanksgiving-like (plenty of side dishes and a main course that takes care of itself in the oven). Also, I’m planning to use my new Bimby to experiment with ice cream. There’s this amazing ice cream place in Rome called “il settimo gelo” (seventh heaven word game…) where I had the best ice cream EVER, and it was cardamom ice cream. I love cardamom, but I love chai even more. So I’m going to try to make chai ice cream. Wish me luck. If I manage to keep my camera to hand when I start my experiment I’ll try to blog about it.

Also, next week is going to be quite busy for Damiano. On Monday we have to go to Bolzano to check his squinty eye. I’ve been observing closely and I think it’s gotten much better, even if I rarely managed to put on the patch on the other eye without the little guy going ballistic. And tearing the thing off straightaway. Then on Friday he’s having surgery because of a retractile testicle. TMI?

During these almost two years since Damiano came to our lives, I’ve been busy sometimes several times per month with different follow-up examinations with paediatricians, ophtalmologists, neuropsychiatrists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, cardiologists, urologists et cetera. It has been of all, the best job I could ever be trusted with. It feels just so good being able to take care of him and support him through it all.  And we’ve been so blessed because after all he’s been through, his bill of health is clean as a whistle.

Well, I guess that as far as random things go this is enough. see ya.

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