The legal alien

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Yesterday for Michele’s birthday, we got Santiago’s organ scan and 4-D ultrasound. It was great to hear that he’s growing well and everything is in place. He’s weighing around 540 grams right now. We’re 22 weeks along. 18 more to go. Here’s his little face on the 4-D ultrasound. He’s asleep, resting his head on […]

Christmas Bonanza Extravaganza

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ok, it can be a bit embarrassing, with the recession and all, but this Christmas was something out of the ordinary: Damiano got: a truck: a Mr. Potato Head, which became an instant favorite: I got: a Nikon D60 SLR Camera. Wow. a Guss Woll non stick pan: a tangent4 internet radio: Michele got: a […]

Damiano refuses to walk on the grass.

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Click on the image to see the video. funny.

Merry Christmas!!

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WOW guys, our Christmas was just simply awesome. I

it’s nice to be back.

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Very adventurous, our trip back home was full of surprises and imponderables, but we finally made it back to our cosy home and couldn’t be happier. Tomorrow, if the jet lag allows me to be more than a zombie, I’ll post some highlights of our Mexican vacation. Damiano, alas, got sick and I’ll be sleeping […]

sorry, too busy.

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Eating spicy and exotic foods, sunbathing, swimming, chilling out and making love. oh, life is hard.

Acapulco, hold your breath.

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We’re coming!!! blog will be closed for travel until I find time and band.

What I did yesterday instead of packing

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A 20 minute bamboo ring mini purse for Lisi!! The fabric is that stunning Erin McMorris fabric I bought on Etsy a while back. The lining is a piece of IKEA curtain, and it took me barely 20 minutes from start to finish. I didn’t even plan, measure, iron or baste anything. I just went […]

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Fear |fi (e) r| noun paying attention to what could possibly go wrong…