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This past week has been a little slow, a little lazy. Damiano has been sick and the weather has been well… winter, so I’ve spent most of my time being a mother, indoors. And I’m starting to hate it! I’ve been daydreaming much, googling for trips to Montreal, Melbourne or Tokyo. It serves much as […]

2 years apart. Amazing uh?

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Some dates are indelebly marked into my brain, like August 28th 1998, when I moved to Italy, or like September 29th 2004 when Michele and I first kissed, or like January 26th 2007, when Damiano had heart surgery when he was 32 gestational weeks old. I realized that is just 2 years ago. So I […]

Vipiteno tonight

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I took this photo of the main street in my town tonight, as we came back from having a luscious dinner with my in-law’s to celebrate my MIL’s birthday. We had a lovely time, and as we came out of the restaurant we found the streets covered with a thin layer of powdery snow. So […]

Random things

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Winter is slowly surrendering and we the last few days have been nice. I almost can’t believe my meteo station when it marks temperatures above  0°C. What makes this first herald of spring even nicer is the thought of the birth of my baby! Our family will be soon complete (unless something unlikely happens, like […]

the boy was delighted.

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Grandparents got him  a Fisher Price doodle board and he loved it. He even ate the cake with the doodle pen.

the cake was delicious.

This year I decided to make a train cake once again, but this time I had more time to think about it, and let’s face it, cakes don’t come very nice when you’re depressed. This time the cake was absolutely lovely thanks to this recipe from Bakerella. The two wooden trains on top of it […]

Happy 2nd birthday ‘Mano!

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Two years ago was a day I thought would be the worst of my life. The infinitely desired son I was carrying was taken from my body. I was left there empty. The sorrow of that day lasted for many many days, even after finally I could have him again and be finally his mother. […]


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The photos are up at Michele’s site. I hope he’ll fix the orientation problem soon. Anyway, the photos rock. Click on the one below to go to the gallery. Nothing says Acapulco more than a chilled bottle of Yoli lemonade. (Santiago’s due date is in 4 months time: talk about time flying)

New Year’s Eve lavish feast

We’ll remember this nosh forever. It was amazing. Here, drool some. Oysters, Champagne Perrier Jouët Smoked salmon on buttered baguette with capers onions and lemons. Homemade Foie Gras with brioche and spicy fruit chutney, Jurançon. Ravioli aux crustaces. Cockerels with gewurztraminer and morel sauce, wild rice, Gewurztraminer. Italian boiled sausage -cotechino- with Lentils Chestnut Cremes […]